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My Cousin passed away a week ago, I am her next of kin. Her

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My Cousin passed away a week ago, I am her next of kin. Her estate is being paid to my bank account, but as this amounts to only £4.76p,and as I have already paid out £16 for the death certificates, what other bills am I liable for.
I have already cancelled a planned holiday in Cyprus, to deal with the funeral arrangements, and as I have instructed the funeral director, I expect to pay for this. However, she has now received a gas bill for £109, her rented house has to be cleared which I am unable to do, as I am disabled and presumably the rent will be outstanding.
The house is rented from a private landlord, although the rent is paid for,either by the council, or social services. She was in receipt of pension credit, and was paid an attendance allowance. I have found e letter saying that from April this would be going up to £262.02p per week plus £135. Towards her electricity costs. Her Council Tax is also paid.
In total her income exceeds mine, but I do not qualify for benefits, and am also expected to pay income tax, council tax etc.
Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Hi , I am sorry to hear of your loss. If her estate has no assets then there is nothing you can do other that write to creditors and tell them that she has died and there are no assets to pay their bills. You are not liable to pay anything and it is not worth taking out probate is there are no assets to collect for the estate.

You should eb able to clim for the cost of your holiday on your holiday insurance.

i do not know what to suggest about the contents of her house - if noone is willing to clear them out the landlord can dispose of the contents.
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