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Hello, my daughter,s boyfriend, after 2 and a half years living

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Hello, my daughter,s boyfriend, after 2 and a half years living together asked her to stay with me for a few days to give them both space. Within days he changed the locks on his flat. He owns the flat and has a 7 or 8 year old daughter. This was in November last year.
Her problem now is repossessing her personal property. As she could not get access to the flat. He has put her personal property in his rented garage. He will not allow her to collect it as he does not want any contact. His most recent message (text) states he will put her items outside the garage and after 10 minutes she can get it.
I, (her father) have now taken over the arrangements and at his suggestion can collect her items from his mothers house.
I have insisted he be present when I do this to sign a letter from me confirming all her items are there and if anything is missing he will be liable for those items.
He will not reply to my message but text my daughter saying if the items are not collected as arranged at his mothers house he will take them to the Tip.
Q1, Am I correct in getting his signature on a letter re collection of items ?
Q2, What can I do if he disposes of her items without her consent ?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Sorry to hear about this.

In response to your questions:

1. He does not have to sign the letter if he doesn't want to, sorry:

2. He should give back all your daughter's possessions and she may make a claim against him if he disposes them off unreasonably without her consent.

She, you should try to get her belongings from him as peacefully as possible otherwise the police may get involved if there is a breach of the peace.

Hope this helps
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