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Hi, I took a job in July 2012 which included on site accommodation

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I took a job in July 2012 which included on site accommodation (purpose built flat).

At the end of June 2013 my contract was terminated with just one weeks notice.

I was offered the option to continue working on a self employed basis and retain the flat with the rent being deducted from the monthly invoices payable from the end of my one week notice period.

On the 21st Jan 2014 work seemed to dry up and no work was given to me by the company.

The rent was still paid by deduction 1 month in arrears for January

By the middle of Feb 2014 I decided to take work elsewhere for reliable income and informed the company I would be vacating the flat at the end of March 2014.
I informed the company by e-mail and also told them I would be still paying them rent for Feb and Mar.

They have now told me that I must pay both months rent by 9am on Mon 3rd March 2014
Or they will enter the flat, change the locks and remove my belongings outside including my pet cat.

My questions are,

Should I have been given a free rent period at the end of my 1 year contract which was not scheduled to be terminated?

If so, how long?

Can they just enter the flat (which is located on non residential company property) and carry out their threat of eviction while I am at work?

I have no intention of not paying them any rent legally due, but as they have not provided me with any work, I have no invoice for them to deduct from and can't pay on Monday.

Please help as I am worried out of my wits.

William Power

They cannot do what they have threatened to do and you should call the police if they carry out the threat.

They would be breaking the Protection from Eviction Act which gives you the tenant various rights against illegal eviction and harassment.

You do not need to pay them on Monday if you cannot do so but non payment does not give them any right to break the law and evict you illegally by changing locks and throwing out your belongings. If they do so,,you may call the police as advised and use them for damages in the courts.

See here for further information

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes, thank you I am aware of the act but does it apply on a commercial property land area?

If they carry out the threat to lock me out, can the police be used to get me back in?

And finally, I asked if I should have been given notice on the flat at the end of the employment contract. I feel I should have been given time free of rent to re-locate? More than one week anyway?
Can I still claim this period?


William Power.
Yes it does apply to the commercial area as well as you are a residential tenant.

It depends on what the police feel they should do, they may be interested or they may not be.

Yes, you are entitled to the notice period.

All the best
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX a really scary nightmare for me. I go to work on Monday then come home and find myself locked out. What do I do ?
Should I send a mail.
Right or Wrong, I can't afford to take a legal action against the company.

Final question,
What is the precise period of notice I should have been given on the flat when I was given just 1 week on the job itself (which was a full time salaried position)?
You should,inform them that what they are proposing to do is illegal eviction which is a criminal offence.

You should send them an email and also speak to them,if possible.

The notice period is unclear and there is not obligation to offer you a rent free period, the notice depends in the type of tenancy that you have.

Hope this helps
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