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Ive been employed part-time Shop Assistant for 13years and

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Ive been employed part-time Shop Assistant for 13years and have been notified by the owner that she will not be renewing the lease this September.

What am I entitled to?

I worked a week in hand so on leaving I should be entitled to that weeks payment should it be at the rate I started? or current wage? Am I entitled to any redundancy?

Margaret Caress (Mrs)
e-mail [email protected]

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Will someone be taking over the lease of the shop and continuing to run the business? Please note I am mobile today so may not be able to respond fully until this afternoon, thanks in advance

I do not know that answer all I know is that the shop is not making a profit and closing for that reason.

Ben Jones :

Thanks for your patience. It is worth checking if someone will be taking over the shop and continuing to run the business because if they do then it is likely that they will have to take you on and continue your employment on the same terms as you are employed now. It simply means that your employment will continue, without any major changes and the only thing that would be changing is who your employer is.

If no one is taking over the business then this is most likely to amount to a redundancy situation. This is because the Employment Rights Act 1996 defines a redundancy as:

1. Business closure – where the whole of the employer’s business is closed

2. Workplace closure – closure or relocation of one or more sites

3. Reduced requirement for employees to carry out work of a particular kind (this is where many employees get confused as they believe a job has to actually disappear for them to be made redundant).

In your case the first reason is the most likely to apply as the business will be closing down. As such the employer will have a duty to make you redundant and you will be entitled to the following:


Thankyou for the information, when I hear from the owner I will be in touch if anything else needs to be discussed

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