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Hello I worked with my husband for over 20 years with a 50/50

Customer Question

I worked with my husband for over 20 years with a 50/50 split in the business. We divorced 2009 continued to work together as the businesses were profitable and working well.
In 2011 he decided he wanted me out so we had them valued and I didn't agree on the value.
He remained in the tenanted house that went with the land the businesses were on, I had was in rented accommodation. I then had to find a job.
He took full control of the businesses without a full pay out to me. I was to receive in instalments.
We finally agreed some weeks ago on a figure settlement (without the solicitor process) where it would be enough for me to buy a house. He would pay deposit and monthly mortgage amount. An amount which he has now reneged on saying he can't afford it. (the business paid my rent of 600pm, the new amount is £800).
BotXXXXX XXXXXne now is that he has worked and continues to work with my capital, enjoying quite a nice lifestyle. I know the businesses are doing well and he has sent me texts saying so, he continues to buy machinery, go on holiday etc.
He just maintains he has no money to go the extra, doesn't want to jeopardise the businesses blah blah blah!

What I want to know is as I still have capital invested in these businesses, even though I am not listed as a shareholder but there is a capital account on the business accounts showing my investment am I entitled to ask/demand that I see all years and up to date management accounts so I can gauge exactly what his true situation is?

I know my solicitor can do this but that is just going to take so much money when I would rather it went towards my house and I don't have any surplus cash.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law