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Good morning, we are renting a house with our 2nd year lease

Customer Question

Good morning, we are renting a house with our 2nd year lease ending in April. Whilst we were away last week we were contacted by the real estate agents to advise that the landlord wished to sell the house. They asked if they could assess the house and we agreed. They then contacted us the next day saying that the assessment had been done and told us the price and offered us the option to purchase, we declined as we are not yet ready to buy yet. They then told us that they they wanted to get the for sale online as quick as possible. We were asked if they could show anyone around the house. We agreed to this and said we would be back on Sunday (yesterday) afternoon. I guess that my question is do we have rights during this process? I have been searching the net for information but a lot of it seems to be statements made by people rather than written information that seems to be legally standing. We are more than happy to be and have always had a good relationship with our letting agents. We would also like to ask the agents if we find another place early for an early release from our lease, some rent reduction during the selling process and our deposit back once we find another house to rent. Are these reasonable questions? Additionally, we are both professional people with a spotless house that we maintain to the highest standards of cleanliness that we have already been praised for by our letting agents. We feel this will make the house more sellable too. Thank you for your time. Brendan.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your question.

This is a private matter between you and the letting agents/landlord which is why you haven't been able to find much information on the topic.

Your questions are very reasonable as you have the right not to be evicted from the property without proper procedure being followed, so you could actually make it very difficult for the landlord to sell the property if you wanted to.

You should reach agreement with the letting agent/landlord as it in their interests to keep you happy and offer you a rent reduction due to the fact that you will not be enjoying the property peacefully whilst the property is being shown to potential buyers, so a rent reduction would compensate you for the disruption.

The letting agents will be getting a commission from the landlord when the property is sold so it is in their interests as well to find you another suitable property and agree on a cut off date with you when you can vacate this property and move into the new one they find for you.

Hope this helps