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Hi, I lost my father in September , and his girlfriend was

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I lost my father in September , and his girlfriend was living with him, it was a council property.. and she was on the contract.. I am my dad's next of kin, and have sorted everything out.
His girlfriend has given up the property, and moving stuff out.. do I have a right to anything out of the house.

Did your father leave behind a Will?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no he didn't, we were told he had lung and bone cancer, and were told he had between 6-12 weeks, but lasted 4 days

Sorry to hear about your loss.

In that case, your father's girlfriend will not inherit anything belonging to your father and you as his next of kin have every right to take away his personal belongings. You should arrange with his girlfriend when you can take away his belongings.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so is she not allowed to empty the house ???, because she has been doing this for over a week now.. her last words yesterday was'' that she was going to seek legal advice,

The house had been in our family for 60 years.. and all she gave me was a suit case of bits and bobs, belonging to my dad.. and said that the rest of the stuff, was bought between them... there are things in the house belonging to me, ie- cctv equipment, and things that were bought via me, for my dad, through Ebay, which I can prove..

My father asked to speak to me, and asked his sister to attend, (a week before he died) and said that if anything ever happened, that I am his next of kin, and ask my auntie to help me... since then, his girlfriend has been vile... I still carnt get over that I won't see my dad again.. but I feel that she is robbing me and my brother, of his personal things..

She is not allowed to take anything which does not belong to her, or which belonged to your father alone e.g. gifts which you made to your father.

Hopefully she will know this when she seeks legal advice.

As for the items which she claims were jointly bought, it would be difficult to prove that that your father did not gift them to her, so it it is not anything substantial, you may let it go.

Perhaps you may get a local solicitor to write her a letter pointing out the fact that she is not entitled to inherit anything from your late father's estate and that the police may be called if she takes any of his belongings without your permission.

Hope this helps

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your help xx

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