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Some 12 years ago, two young ladies who were family friends

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Some 12 years ago, two young ladies who were family friends asked me to take them out. I immediately asked therm if they had their parents permission to which they replied in the affirmative. Having taken them out for approx 1 hour I returned them to their homes. This happened several times until they then asked me if they could stay the night at my house (I lived alone). I said categorically that this was not possible and not correct.
Later one of the parents contacted police and I was arrested and admitted abduction as I had failed to ask the parents directly for permission. I served 3 years probation and my criminal record is now spent. However the Daily Mirror was the only newspaper to report this and they are continuously updating their web site about me with incorrect details and information. I have written to them about this before but they refused to stop!!

Alex Watts :

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you with this. Please note that I am a working Solicitor and may be on and offline as I have to attend Court and meet with clients, even at weekends. As such you may not get an instant response when you reply as this is not an ‘on demand’ live service, but rest assured I will be giving your question my immediate attention upon return. There is no need to wait here, you will get an email when I reply.

Alex Watts :

What is incorrect about it? Have you written to the Daily Mail and ask them to correct the information please?


Yes I have written to the DAILY MIRROR (not Mail) regarding the inaccuracies but they continue to change the web site by adding yet more incorrect details

Alex Watts : Have they responded? If so what did they say please?

Are you there?

Alex Watts : I am. I asked if they responded.
Ash and 2 other Law Specialists are ready to help you
I am. I asked if they responded.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

21st March by e mail to [email protected]

Dear Ms Coker,
Following our conversation this morning I am pleased to write to you concerning the case above.
This case was held in court in Wolverhampton on the 2nd August 2004 and was featured in your Daily Mirror newspaper on 3rd August 2004
In fact what happened was that I had taken the two girls out so that they could play pool at a public house where I knew they had a separate well equipped children's playroom. I knew this since I had taken my own children there many times before and they had always enjoyed it. Before taking them I had specifically asked them, and they had assured me that they had, permission from their parents to be taken out by me. This as I know now and in retrospect was very stupid of me. However as I had met and knew both sets of parents several times as well as other children from the same family, one of whom had attended my small factory (where I employed 4 people) for school work experience with other students.
I realised that the so called parental consent could not have been given when they persisted in asking me if they could spend the night at my house. I flatly refused this as I knew that this would be entirely inappropriate. Not only this but I immediately realised at this point that they could not have been getting permission as no responsible parent would let two young ladies stay together at the house of a grown man. At no time did I keep them away from school, buy them alcoholic drinks or commit offences or make any suggestions of an inappropriate or sexual nature. I admitted my guilt in relation to the offence of Abduction for 2 reasons viz. 1) I had indeed taken them out and 2) to avoid the young ladies having to attend court and possibly be subjected to the British highly adversarial justice system.

In passing sentence of 3 years’ probation the judge expressed his opinion that I was in fact grooming the girls. He also stated that I must have no contact with any child under the age of 18, including my grandchildren. The Daily Mirror of the next day printed that the girls had been groomed and so I have been treated in Wolverhampton as a convicted paedophile since 2004. Shots have been fired at my house and my car has been vandalised

Since 2nd August 2004 I have never seen my grandchildren and I am unable to have any contact with any child under the age of 18. Could you please tell me if this is a lifelong sentence as I have never been given any advice to the contrary?

Grooming is now a separate criminal offence, and if I had been grooming them why was I not charged with this? The fact that I flatly refused to let them stay together at my house and always insisted on returning them at the time they had told me goes some way to supporting this. Another fact is that one of the girls had a rare form of cancer of the liver and has since died and so I felt somewhat sympathetic towards her and her friend when they asked me to take them out.
I have had no other criminal conviction all my life and have done Community work for my local Community for many years in Leicester and Wolverhampton. In Leicester I arranged for some terminally ill children to have rides in one of my helicopters at a park in Leicester adjacent to their school. I also paid for several bus loads of children and parents from a council estate to visit Cadbury's World from Wolverhampton. I also won £1500 on the Lotto and promptly used this money to pay for a bus full of children and parents to Drayton Manor Park. I still remember that the hire of bus for the day was £300, the entrance to the park for everyone was £700 and I gave everyone £10 spending money amounting to a total of £500.
Most of this information is on my web site at
I have read the details of the REHABILITATION OF OFFENDERS ACT 1974 which states that for adults who have had a non custodial sentence the rehabilitation period is 5 years and after this time the conviction is declared “SPENT”. So for me this expired on 3rd August 2009. But as far as the Judge is concerned I am still under sentence and I feel this is unduly harsh bearing in mind the facts above. I was given a Community order for 3 years attending classes at the Probation Service in Wolverhampton which I did without fail.
My reason for writing is to ask if you could please consider how I may persuade the Daily Mirror to remove the article stating quite clearly that I had GROOMED the pub girls. I enclose a copy of this
I will be very pleased to provide any other information you may require or indeed visit your offices to discuss the issues further. In writing this I am in no way whatsoever attempting to exonerate myself from the offence, and the above is written in confidence and without prejudice
Kind regards
Dr A.T. Wortley
Electrafish Limited
48 Warstones Drive
WV4 4PR Tel: 01902 340625 and 0777 560 8505


"[email protected]" <[email protected]>

Add sender to Contacts 21st March 2011


[email protected]

Dear Mr Wortley,

Thank you for your e-mail of today's date timed at 14.07. At the current
time we are not persuaded that we should remove the article from our
Yours sincerely

Thank you.

If they do not move it then you have 2 options:

1) Complain to the Press Complaints Commission

That body has been set up by thew newspapers to deal with complaints. They offer a free service and are independent of thew newspapers.

Their website is:

2) Go to Court - clearly there would be a cost to this.

You would instruct a Solicitor to apply to the Court for an injunction for them to remove it. This is because if it is untrue then it should not be published.

If the matter is contested you will need legal representation at trial. The cost of a Solicitor for these proceedings is likely to be around £5000 - but you could get that back if you win.

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have applied and complained to the Press complaints Commission but at the time the article on the web was different from now and the Daily Mirror seem to be updating it regularly. The result of this action of course is that the entry moves higher up the Google rating when anyone puts my name into Google. The current web entry is completely different from the original and I am at a loss to understand why they are adopting such an aggressive approach to something which has long passed. The police twice took my computers away for examination and found nothing, as I have my life observed or downloaded any improper images. I would be very happy to invest £5k if there was a good chance of getting this resolved. After all the offence is my only record apart from speeding offences. I did have some completely harmless photos on my camera at the time and the Judge was very angry with the CPS who had (I think deliberately) failed to bring the photos for him to see!!!!

Yes. Litigation is by no means certain, it really depends on the Judge.

But of course if you issue proceedings, that may get their attention and allow negotiation to the way forward.