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How much would it cost to have a letter correctly drafted in

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How much would it cost to have a letter correctly drafted in response to a threat of legal action regarding a tenant who voluntarily left a property and is now claiming eviction?


Sorry I misunderstood the requirements above, I have the letter scanned in from the Tenants Solicitor and I have my response if these would be useful in addition to the original emails received from the tenant, I really just need to know how to answer the letter which arrived on friday and demands a response today.


Are you able to copy and paste your proposed response here? You do not need to reply today, it is unreasonable to ask someone to reply in 1 business day.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think its because as of tomorrow she will have defaulted on the rent due on the 28th Feb (I am surmising) Please see below and attached scanned letter. Thank you

I cannot seem to send anything...

You may ask customer service for help in uploadung the documents
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My Reply so far

Dear Sir,

Re:XXXXX Gorleston.

Further to your letter dated 24th February reference MM/MM,

The facts of the matter are as follows:

  • Your client moved out of the property in early January 2014 and subsequent to a telephone call to me from her Mother, wrote to me on January 19th informing me that she had ceased to reside in the premises and stating that she wished to surrender her rights to the property as a joint tenant.

  • Her ex-partner confirmed separately that he had no interest in remaining in the property and subsequently moved out at the beginning of February and returned his keys.

  • Given the highly emotional nature of your client’s personal situation I agreed that on the payment of a month’s notice to the end of February and an additional month’s rent in compensation for the breach of contract, I would release her and her partner from their joint tenancy obligations to June 2014.

  • If the house was in good order when she left I further agreed that she would receive her deposit on payment of the month’s compensation which I have yet to receive and which your client apparently now wishes to dispute.

  • I entered the property on February 6th with the with electricians and builders to undertake quotes for work requested by Great Yarmouth Environmental Health Department further to a complaint by Ms Bell. Both parties were informed that my visit would take place weeks prior to the event.

  • I discovered the property to be in good order and empty except for a child’s cot and a small bundle of clothing and found a notification that Ms Bell was redirecting her post.

  • I sought clarification from Miss Bell via the telephone as to whether the post redirection meant she did not intend to return to the property during the remainder of the notice period and asked if the cot was there for collection or if it had been abandoned when she and her partner removed the rest of their belongings.

  • Ms Bell confirmed that she had no intention to return to live at the property, but stated that she wished to collect the cot and return her keys.

  • When her Mother came to collect the cot on February 17th, the electrician and an agent overseeing his work on my behalf were already in the house and during the course of conversation your client’s Mother confirmed again that returning to the house “was the last thing she’d (your client) ever want to do”

  • As your client’s Mother departed she realised she had left the keys to the property either in her other bag or in the car and said she would forward them on.

On the grounds that I received confirmation both verbally and in writing on four separate occasions that your client the tenant, had ceased to reside in the premises and that she had furthermore requested to surrender the property, provided me with a new residential address, forwarded her post, removed all her belongings and attempted to return her keys, I do not believe that I have unlawfully deprived or attempted to deprive a “Residential Occupier” of the premises or any part thereof under Under S1 (2) Protection from eviction act 1977.

However in the interests of behaving in a reasonable manner and bringing this matter to a timely close I am willing to forgo the additional month’s compensation and return your client’s deposit, if she in turn agrees to cease all contact and drop all threats of lawsuits and that this matter is by these actions considered to be closed by all parties and all and any claims upon each other terminated.

Your response is very reasonable and straight to the point.

You may also add a paragraph as follows to give you some sense of closure to all this:

"The foregoing offer is open until 7th March 2014. If I do not receive an acceptance by this date, the offer should be deemed to be withdrawn and I will reserve my rights to defend any claim from your client and claim/counterclaim against your client as I see fit."

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How do I attach a PDF for you to read, its the original letter from the tenants solicitor which has scared me to death, I need to be certain I have answered it enough to get this finished for good.

Try the paperclip as I am not sure what you see from your end.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have seen the solicitor's letter and your letter is fine.

If this escalates further, you should also appoint a solicitor to take this further for you as they will back down then if not before.
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