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I am applying The K-1 fiancee visa for me and 4 yr old girl

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I am applying The K-1 fiancee visa for me and my four-year-old daughter, I am engaged to a wonderful United States citizen and have been for three years. My only problem is at the interview my daughters birth cert does not have her father's name on it. but I did call her after his second name. Will this be a problem? As I have no idea where he is.
I have changed my second name to be the same as my daughters also as it was problematic when traveling with her.

We were never married either.

Kind regards

It should not be a problem. The fact that his name is XXXXX XXXXX your daughter's birth certificate means that he has no parental responsibility for your daughter and it is you alone who has such parental responsiblity. I assume you were never married to your daughter's father.

You should simply explain this to the American Embassy officials who interview you and say that her father has nothing to do with her and has no parental responsibility for her.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello again

Many thanks for your reply
Although I have read that the consulte could ask me to track the father for signature if I admit I know how he is.? Which would be difficult for me,
We were not married or his name on child's birth certificate
But I'm just concerned as I named her second name after his surname.
Do you think it will stop my visa?

Kind regards

You can name your child after anyone really,,the fact that her second name is XXXXX XXXXX surname is XXXXX XXXXX problem.

You should insist that the father of your child has no parental responsibility for the child under English law and as such they would not really force you to get his signature.

I would suggest that you see what happens at the interview and then take it from there as right now it is all speculation.

Hope this helps. Please take a second to rate the service. Thank you
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