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I used to work for provident personal credit i left i december

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I used to work for provident personal credit i left i december vut i also clean in the office once a weei. Last week the manager approached me and said she had to talk to me about a customer which i found odd. Itt seems that somewhere there has been an error and one week back in october i wrote in the customers payment book he paid £60 but it seems i paid in £15 so i must have wrote down in his book wrong as that was his usual amount. The office however are saying that i have to give them the £45 difference. Is that the case? Im annoyed as banking is done and checked on a weekly basis and it is only know thay have mentioned the discrepency and not being funny but i cant remember bk to one week in oct

They can easily check with the customer whether he paid the 60 pounds or 15 pounds and this can also be checked by the use of CCTV and bank balances.

Be that as it may, you no longer work with them and I do not see them taking you to court for 45 pounds. Anyone can make errors and it is up to them to prove that you "stole" the 45 pounds.

The police could be called if they had evidence that you "stole" the 45 pounds.

It is also up to you whether or not to give them the money, whether or not you are correct) as it is not that substantial and there is no point wasting time and going through stress for this amount.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I know it doesnt sound like a lot but im a single.mum with disabled twins i dont have that kind of money.there is not cctv as money is collected from peoples homes.
Thank you.

In that case you should dispute the payment, it is unlikely they will take this further.

All the best
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