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Hi In my upstairs master bedroom the radiator begun to leak,

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In my upstairs master bedroom the radiator begun to leak, by the time I notice it a good portion of the carpet was soaked enough that there are water spots on the ceiling of the room below. That happened on 26.02.2014. I called the letting agent to let them know on 27.02.2014. By chance the scheduled 3 months inspection was due the next day, she did her inspection and of course we discussed the leak and when she left she promise she get in touch with the oner of the house and get the problem sorted. I have heard nothing from them and on Monday 3. 03 I sent an letter and an email to ask when they will solve the problem. Nothing happened since then , today is 06.03.2014 and I can still not use the room , plus have to move part of my belongs. I will like to know what my legal wrights are in regard to being unable to use this portion of the house I am renting, for wich I am paying for.

You have the right to make a claim against the landlord for the fact that you have not been able to use the room due to the water leak.

You may do so by asking the landlord to pay you an agreed amount or by allowing you to set this amount from your rent.

You will need to try and agree with your landlord what amount you should receive as compensation for this issue. If you are unable to agree amicably with the landlord, you may go to court who will have the finsal say over what compensation you should be paid.

You may find this information useful:

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Thank you for the answer.

I contacted the renting agency and as usual they told me that they get in touch with a plumbing company and that I will be contacted by them. No one called me today and I am wondering how long that can take?

If my master bedroom is soaked with water I am asking how a plumber will solve that? They do not should call someone to change the carpets as well?

I do not know how strong I can complain to get the problem solved fast and efficient instead of '' we will contact you '' or plumber will contact you etc....

Do you think that I have a strong case to seek a solicitor help?

Yes, you have a good case.

I would suggest that you contact the Environmental Health Section of your local authority as the flooded bedroom poses a health risk as well, they have the power to force the landlord to take action.

The other thing you could do is to call a plumber out as advised by the agency and get them to fix the radiator and leak. You will have to pay the plumber and then deduct the money from the next rent and notify the agents what you are doing.

Same goes for carpet, once the leak has stopped, if the landlord/agent doesn't get someone to replace the carpet, get it done yourself and deduct from the rent and inform the landlord what you will be doing.

Hope this helps
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