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I came to the Uk in 2003 as a student and now it will be 11

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I came to the Uk in 2003 as a student and now it will be 11 years I am here. My student visa run out since 2009 and with the service of a solicitor I was advised to put an application for a Post Study Work Visa. The application was unsuccessful as there not sufficient funds for the 3 month require period. As a result of that the solicitor advised me to appeal the case which would take about 3 months, giving me enough time to get the funds into my bank account. That was not successful as I could not put the monies together. After a while a I went back to the solicitor when I realized there was no progress in my application, after several visits to the solicitor's office. I eventually left that solicitor and seek advice else where. I got in contact with another solicitor explained everything to him, he looked through my documents and explained that the time had run out to pursue the appeal, which I could not do anymore. Now Its 2014 and I would like to know what can I do to get out of this situation. What application can I apply for to change my immigration. please I need your help.

I am afraid I do not see any avenue to regularise your stay in the UK unless you are married to or in a durable relationship with an EEA national.

As your post study work visa application was refused and your student visa expired in 2009, I am afraid you are liable to be detained and removed from the UK if caught and you could be banned from coming back to the UK.

I would advise you to leave the UK voluntarily at your own cost as the ban from re-entering is less than if you are forcibly removed from the UK by the Home Office.

I am sorry I cannot give you better news but I have a duty to be truthful.

Hope this helps
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