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Our daughter died almost three years ago after

Customer Question

Our daughter died almost three years ago after she was misdiagnosed (early on in her illness) by an Indian Locum in her local surgery. After two years fighting cancer she lost the battle. I have been trying to get the GMC to follow up on this (obviously incapable Dr) since she died. They refuse to do anything about this Dr. WE know he was wrong - for one thing I first got in touch with her Surgery who were completely with us, giving us the notes of his appointment with our daughter as well as anything they could legally help us.His notes say nothing apart from manipulating her abdomen and "finding no mass" which, surely, at an EARLY stage, need not be findable. Our daughter told us she gave the Dr. information that she had had a rectal bleed. She knows perfectly well what haemorrhoidal blood is like, (though we do know that this in itself is not always a positive clue) but he does not seem to have followed that information up at all, it is now mentioned in the notes. Furthermore, she told him that her father had had colon cancer. In fact, he had cancer twice - first cancer in the penis - the common male complaint whose name I cannot remember off hand, then colon cancer. He was treated fast and efficiently in both cases and is still with us. This Dr. does not seem to have taken in this VITAL and important fact - again not mentioned in the Drs. notes. Sorry this is so long but I am at a loss of where to go on from here, since the BMC flatly denies he has done any wrong. I cannot understand this, nor does her surgery, nor do any of the several medical people to whom we have spoken. Our son knows some well known medical personnel yet ALL say it is disgraceful. After all that (and including the after effects it has had on all our family - including the worst two happenings (first, our three grand daughters, now being brought up by their father and second that my husband (because of the trauma, has suffered two strokes, the second of which has had a devastating effect on him) I am getting nowhere. I am sending a final letter to the BMC today, threatening to take further action - as perhaps suing them for willful neglect in doing NOTHING, though in truth I doubt as elderly pensioners we can actually afford to risk court. I just pray a threat may move them. My question to you is ...are there any other senior medical bodies I could approach? My reason for this is not really because we lost our daughter due to his inefficiency (thought that should have been investigated at the time) but our great worry is that, having been allowed to carry on as normal may mean he is missing diagnoses in other cases as well. Many thanks for any help you can give me.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law