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I had an insurance policy on a mortgage which I moved to a

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I had an insurance policy on a mortgage which I moved to a different lender 5 years ago. I have recently acquired internet banking, and have noticed that I am still paying a premium for this policy, despite the mortgage not existing. I complained both to the bank, and the insurance company, but they have, very tersely, informed me that they are not responsible for this, and it was my fault that I was still paying.
who is responsible?

Do you know how much you have paid which shouldn't have been paid?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

£20.36 per month for around 5 years.

Thank you.

You should stop any further payments immediately if you haven't done this already.

You should not have paid for the insurance premiums over this period and the insurer is not acting fairly by effectively telling you touch luck, get lost.

You were paying for insurance which was no longer covering the mortgage product it was intended for.

You may make a court claim against the insurer for the 1200 pounds which you have unfairly lost or you may complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service which also covers Scotland:

The financial ombudsman has the power to order the insurance company to refund you your money and is free to use. Court action will cost you court fees as well as legal fees if you appoint a solicitor.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for that. obviously I feel totally stupid that I had not noticed that I was still paying and was hesitant to call the ombudsman due to this. but now I will just go ahead and do so.

the way insurance companies treat you is just so bad considering how much we all pay them. thank you.

You should never be hesitant when you are being fleeced of your hard earned money by banks and insurers.

All the best