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My teenage daughter is being bullied by another girl of the

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My teenage daughter is being bullied by another girl of the same age which has gone on now for the past 8 months. After letting the mother know of bully what her daughter was doing to mine, she accused my daughter to her face of sending threatening social media messages, which my daughter vehemently denied, she was very upset and shouted 'No". (We have asked for the evidence of this which they cannot provide.) I felt provoked at this point, when I turned to her daughter to ask 'Is it right that you can telephone another girl to get her to have a go at my daughter at school on Monday". I did raise my voice when I asked that question. Is this morally or legally wrong?

Do you have evidence that the other girl got someone else to have a go at your daughter? What are you hoping to achieve please?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The girl who she asked to do it verbally told my daughter on Monday, I suppose there would be phone records to verify this.


I am worried that as I raised my voice to this child I would be legally in the wrong. The Pastoral Manager interviewed both girls today after I complained about the bullying. After asking my daughter questions -was she shouted at and was she accused of something by the other mother, he implied to my daughter that shouting at a child from a police perspective is 'wrong'. The Pastoral Manager at school is an ex policeman.

It is understandable that you raised your voice in the circumstances but you have not broken any law by doing so although morally it may be questionable to raise your voice at anyone, let alone a child.

If your daughter is being harassed as it seems here by the other girl, a police complaint can be made about this and they may or may not be interested. Harassment is a criminal offence and usually only needs two incidents or more to be harassment.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX eased my mind. I do realise with hindsight it wasn't a particularly nice thing to do but emotions run so high when your child is involved. Thank you again.


All the best