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High winds caused roof tiles to fly off Barclays bank roof

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High winds caused roof tiles to fly off Barclays bank roof and a few landed on my nearby parked car. The police who was attending this dangerous situation, told me to make a claim off Barclays bank insurance. This I did. They asked for 2 estimates of which I forwarded to them. (They were both between £550-£600) they even said that if I needed a replacement vehicle then this would be included, pending their decision on "liability". I waited for almost 2 weeks to get their final decision. They felt that due to the unexpected extremely high winds, it was outside of their clients control so do not consider that their client was negligent in this matter. So have therefore offered no financial help what so ever. Forgive me for not fully understanding all the in' s and out' s of the law, but I thought that was why we have insurance to cover the unexpected. Are they right to take this view?

Unfortunately, yes, they are right.

The high winds and floods are an Act of God and therefore outside the control of the Bank or for any other person for that matter.

Insurance polices normally exclude liability for Acts of God.

Sorry but I can only answer you truthfully.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your reply

However, I was under the impression that an Act of God was no longer an excuse that insurances could use as a cop out tactic. After all, how on earth would I go about suing God. I can see that no individual was responsible, but as they only had the building refurbished including a new roof not that long ago. Why is it no one else's tiles came off their roof along this stretch of the street. I would question how good a job the workmen did on their roof?