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Hello, My Mother and Father live in a semi-detached house

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My Mother and Father live in a semi-detached house which they fully own and have no mortgage on. Unfortunately two years ago my Father was diagnosed with Altziemers Disease which is now in quite an advanced stage. My Mother and Father are both 73 years old. The symptons of the disease are now causing my mother such problems that she is finding it difficult to carry on caring for my Father and so reluctantly she is seeking help from social services. Initially she tried to get respite care just for a couple of days a week but this did not work out because my Father kept escaping from the premises and disappearing for hours. Eventually the respite care centre said they could no longer take him because they didn't have the staff to watch him permanently.
It is now looking like he will need to go into care full time but they don't have any savings and have only their pensions to live on. The social services have told my mother that she must sell her house to pay for the care my Father needs. This will make my mother homeless because even though only half the value of her property will be used to pay for the care there will not be enough to buy a property that is suitable for a 73 year who is recieving treatment for breast cancer.
Is there any alternative? We are in a position where my Mother is being forced into poverty and/or caring for somebody who, other than having this disease, is physically fit and active and may well require care for 10 or more years. The social services have basically told my Mother that they don't have any room in the council run care homes and that she will have to pay for private care.
Thank you for your question.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you
There is no question of your mother being forced to sell the property she lives in to finance his care and the Local Authority will have to help finance the care
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