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I have a claim for a flood.the loss adjuster appointed by the

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I have a claim for a flood.the loss adjuster appointed by the insurance company has lied about the appointment an independent surveyors on my behalf. i challenged this and the loss adjuster said it was my broker who instructed the surveyor and the broker sent an email to say they did not instruct anyone and i have now got my own loss assessors,the loss adjuster after agreeing his independent surveyors report on the damage and strip out has accused me 3 times of malicious damage with no evidence.the loss adjuster has revised versions of so called independent reports which are different to his acceptance of the first report.i have complained to the FCA and today the loss adjuster has been taken off the case.Now i want a inquiry into why the surveyors firms who gave an initial report that was accepted by the loss adjuster have been not independently working and colluding with the loss adjuster to change the report.
this is fraud in my opinion as they are trying to defraud me of a legitimate claim
What can i do now?

What has the insurance company said about paying out on your claim?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Yes they will pay as they have confirmed the contents claim and the flood damage.

the loss adjuster has tried to play every game not to pay with blaming me,telling me the roof is not right etc but i have reports on everything

please see below my surveyors reply this Friday to the loss adjuster,since then the insurers have dismissed the loss adjuster and i have been told that they are to make an example of him

i have minimized names to initials.......



Following on from your email received today received @ 07.09, I am concerned as an independent chartered surveyor/regulated insurance mediator that the context of the email is incorrect in various errors.

In order to explain and to demonstrate, we will refer to documentation on file of which you have copies of.

1. Priced document present to QClaims Services Ltd October 2013 identified the extent of the strip out and their budget costings with certain exclusion

a. Vat

b. Loose furniture (Submitted Luxy 2013 Price list regarding chairs, seating, tables, etc. on 21-01-2014) and (JST upholstery quotation and report dated 25-11-2013 with subsequent letter dated 03-12-2013 identifying the cost ranges from £ 300 - £ 1000.00 per metre for each bespoke made to measure fitted seating hand built report 03-12-13)

c. Bottle Fridges (Pat testing failure) with appropriate stickers checked by STP independent electrical contractors

d. No allowance to replace ground floor bar and back wall (Within the hard strip out schedule)

e. Statutory services (Temporary supply installed and paid by the client directly)

f. No allowance for a re-wire (Electrical report from SPT dated 12-12-13 emailed in black and white as your were apprehensive to download the coloured version from SkyDrive) Coloured hardcopy handed over yesterday at the meeting

Original electrical installation certification IMN2/2424062 dated 30-10-2011 has already been issued and acknowledged via email response, as well as clarification between IMN2 and the current IPN3 carried out by STP

g. Allowance for the Mechanical & Electrical fittings not the entire M&E (reports have been submitted obtained from A & T Electrical Services (Leics) Managing Director Adam Arunull 24-01-2014)

h. Infra-structure (not defined)

i. External works (other than stated)

j. Specialist sound style (Report and quotation dated 03-12-2013 submitted from Emiror Research dated 10-11-2013)

k. Fire/Smoke alarms (Reports and quotations dated 7,11, 22-11-2013 submitted) Squires Group whom originally installed the system and maintains the functionability and operation with planned maintenance agreement)

l. Intruder alarms (Reports and quotations dated 7,11, 22-11-2013 submitted) Squires Group whom originally installed the system and maintains the functionability and operation with planned maintenance agreement)

m. IT & Tills (Quotation obtained from NRG-epos dated 06-11-2013 submitted)

2. Items not covered in Ridge’s report (information provided via email)

a. Telephone equipment (Quotation obtained from Squirecom dated 11-11-2013 submitted)

b. Military radio control units, BT elements DECT telephone and response 75+ T.A.M (Quotation dated 11-11-2013 submitted)

c. CCTV equipment replacement and installation (Quotation 11-11-2013 from Squire Alarms submitted)

d. Options East Midlands Quotation dated 09-10-13 dealing with the clean-up operation (Submitted)

e. Kibworth Electrical quotation relating to disconnection of fuse boards and installation of a temporary fuse board and armour cabling with a temporary supply designated for the alarm system (Submitted)

f. Squire alarms invoice dated 30-09-2013 regarding emergency works after the insured peril incident (Submitted)

g. Guardian Protection invoice dated 30-09-2013 in providing patrols (Submitted)

Furthermore, we are finding hard to understand your rationale, as you have confirmed via email that you have agreed to R report submitted in October and Iss original report in relation to the elements of work and the drying out process, although at the meeting yesterday you have intimated that you wish a further report from ISS as discussed in order to remove skirting boards at 2nd floor level with the introduction of ventilation slots to enable drying out the cavities, why was this in their report or suggestion back in

In addition, you are again referring to suspicious issues regarding the partial collapse of the 2nd floor office ceiling clearly damaged by the ingressment of water from the insured peril and covered within Ridge’s October 2013 and ISS’s September 2013 QREC Rev4 reports

Other concerns and issues we have as independent chartered surveyors/insurance mediators in processing the claim are as follows:

· Why has it taken six months to commission you own consultants when reports have been furnished between September 2013 – December 2013, as this is delaying the process in tendering in which we have envisaged a return of tenders by the end of March 2014 8 months after the event.

· Why do both Ridge’s and ISS reports conclude the removal of the bars within the ground floor and 1st floor level and now this is being questioned although agreed

· In relation to the emphasis of a claim not being submitted, we have submitted quotations, reports, testing reports and identified the need of a soft and hard strip out together with costs from all approved specialists as detailed above, for approval and as of to-date nothing has been approved or costs accepted that is frustrating to the client.

· Furthermore, there will be other issues that we will address once we have your responses as to our hard strip out submission and the subsequent site meeting of 07-03-2014.

Kind regards,




below is my complaint letter


I wish to lodge a complaint with regards XXXXX XXXXX claim and am stating my dissatisfaction as follows:

  1. At no point has anyone from your office or from Contessa acknowledged my complaint which was raised initially on the 23rd January 2014 via my Insurance Brokers Brett & Randall.

  2. Due to the failure of Contessa to contact either myself or B Specialist Ltd my appointed Loss Assessors, a letter was submitted direct to your office on my behalf on the 29th January 2014. Disappointingly no response has been received or even an acknowledgment of this complaint.

  3. I am at a loss to understand why there is no resolution in sight with this claim with the actual incident occurring in July 2013, and I am unhappy with the way that this matter has been handled to date by the appointed Loss Adjuster G of Q Claims.

  4. I believe that false emails stating that I and my brokers agreed to the initial appointment of Ridge Surveyors have been presented. When I challenged this, it was suggested that my brokers Brett & Randall had appointed Ridge and again I had to look for further clarification from them. They did not appoint R Surveyors and I believe that it was the Loss Adjusters intention to appoint Ridge Surveyors from the offset.

  5. With regards XXXXX XXXXX Contents Policy, due to an administrative error on Contessa‘s part, backdated endorsements were applied to my Contents Policy at which point it was made clear that my contents claim would be accepted, yet the Loss Adjuster kept on sending out emails saying he could not confirm this and that the Insurers had not accepted liability when clearly he knew that this was not the case. This caused me much undue stress and anxiety. The appointed Loss Adjuster Graham then backtracked after my brokers confirmed that the contents policy was valid and that my contents were insured. I believe that the Loss Adjuster has all along played delay tactics and has displayed negativity and unwillingness to progress matters through to completion.

  6. These delay tactics have led to my having to chase for payments and despite the best efforts of my Brokers we were fobbed off regularly. This resulted in me having to dip into my savings and cash in investments to pay additional expenses incurred.

  7. This incident occurred in July 2013, and my property sits in the same state following the storm damage and I understand that the strip out of the property still remains outstanding and that this needs to happen before the surveyor can provide a comprehensive schedule of works.

  8. This has resulted in further deterioration of the contents, fixtures, fittings and structure which I believe are now nearly all unsalvageable due to ongoing deterioration.

  9. On top of this it has been suggested that I have entered the premises to sabotage the floor which was already written off by RSurveyors, P and IS. All entries in and out of the building are monitored by Squire Alarms, the only person in the building ever alone has been the ISS representative Jamie and this was agreed following a joint meeting on the 6th December 2013.

  10. Not only am I insulted by this defamation of character, I am disgusted at the lack of professionalism displayed by the Loss Adjuster and when challenged to prove his spurious claims there has not been any response or apology forthcoming retracting his insinuations.

  11. I take this matter very seriously and can only assume that Graham has issues dealing with my claim.

  12. I am appalled at the lack of integrity, honesty and customer care displayed by this Loss Adjuster who appears to have no comprehension of this claim and through lack of action is causing further problems with the property and subsequently this may result in this claim escalating.

  13. I am concerned that the Loss Adjuster and Co by default, are not acting within Industry Standards and I personally feel that Mr C is unwilling to settle this matter in a professional way and is taking an obstructive approach towards my claim. I have seen a number of emails sent from him to my Loss Assessors and am astonished as to his curt one line replies and lack of professionalism.

My dissatisfaction with the handling of my claim remains and I would like you to review the handling of my claim to date and address all the points that I have made. If you are unable to answer my points satisfactorily then I would like the matter transferring to another Loss Adjuster.


In addition, the fact that I have had no response from yourselves to date leaves me with no option but to copy in the FCA so that they are aware of my complaint. Should I fail to receive a response acknowledging my complaint and hopefully a satisfactory resolution then I will be asking them to review this matter for me. I look forward to your response.

Please could you summarise the information?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Yes they will pay out

Thank you.

As you will not suffer any loss, it is not advisable to take this further as you have already made the complaint to the FCA and the loss adjuster has been dealt with accordingly.

Had you faced a loss, then you could have taken action against the loss adjustor personally for negligence but as the insurance company will pay out anyway, it is unlikely that the courts will be of help

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