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I sent someone an abusive text that they deserved. To be malicious,

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I sent someone an abusive text that they deserved. To be malicious, instead of apologizing they rang the police, also told the police I knock my wife about. A lie.

When the police turned up at my house I left to go for a walk because I was irritated that this person had taken this route. While I was out (20 mins), police officer noticed my wife had a bandage on her hand (she hit me on xmas day, hurt herself). My wife told the police officer she hurt her hand attacking me, police officer replied saying something along the lines, that she didn't like this and was calling it in, and that she hadn't hurt her hand, I'd done it.

Anyway, I was arrested in front of my neighbours. Highly embarrassing. Spent a night in a cell, was interviewed the following day. The interviewing officer told me my wife had accused me of this and of that. All rubbish that I denied. I explained my version of events, I was honest and I didn't have a lawyer with me. I think she believed me.

When I was released I was given my phone, i received lots of texts (off my wife) saying that the police were twisting everything to make me sound bad, that she hadn't said any of the things they were accusing me of. She refused to sign the statement.

Because I was accused of domestic violence, social services have become involved. I have seen documents and been told things by these people (social workers), that the police have said.

Apparently I made an abusive call to my wife whilst I was still in the station, the police officers present were shocked that I hadn't even waited until I was outside! This didn't happen! When I was outside the station, I sent my wife a text asking if she could pick me up. She was on her way to her mums to pick our kids up. I didn't speak to her for an hour and a half. She couldn't pick me up.

I saw a letter in a report from our social worker. It was a letter written by a police officer to social services. There was about 8 things raised, rubbish, all of it! Not one word of truth in it. My wife is as shocked as I am about all of this, unbelievable. I wouldn't believe me.

Its not compensation that I want, I want an apology. Can anybody tell me what to do now. I sent a lenghty email to one law firm but they didn't get back to me. Think must have thought I was some paranoid lunatic. I'm not.


Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

What do you want an apology for? Sorry if I'm missing the point but you seem to accept the offence?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Thank you for getting back to me. Because its domestic violence, its an ongoing thing with social services. I don't like this. I can't see why I was arrested. I was told by the police officer that several allegations of assault had been made against me. But my wife insists she didn't make any allegations. She told the police that she was the abuser. Which she is, but she got the impression that they were just nodding along thinking, yeah another victim wife...


I haven't committed an offence. If anyone has its my wife. I can't understand why I was arrested.

Yes, I completely agree. Its a waste of public money.

Obviously I haven't had full vision of the case here. However, its not very likely that your wife didn't make some allegation against you. I realise that she has told you that she didnt but I'm afraid its not likely. It might well have been something that she said without intending that there should be any arrest but thats not the same thing as there being no offence at all.

If they did arrest you with no evidence at all then thats a wrongful arrest. You can pursue that by talking to firms that sue the police such as

Its probably not a bad idea to look into this as the worst that will happen is that it will be uncovered that there was an allegation.

I'm sure there was no offence on your part. It is quite unlikely that there was no allegation though although it would do no harm to look it as at least you would uncover the truth of this matter.

I'm sorry this isn't the answer you wanted but it is the position that you face and I have a duty to inform you truthfully.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more information.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you


Thing is, I would have let this go as one of those things. but its domestic abuse and social services are involved. I have to take it further. she insists she has made no allegation. there was violence, but it was from her.


The letter I saw to social services, said I kicked my wife in the groin, because I thought she was pregnant, she had an affair, you see. I didn't kick her in the groin. This did not happen. Also said I chased her downstairs and slapped her! Did not happen!!


Also said I stop her from going to work and I hang around her workplace!! Rubbish! Complete rubbish!


I do hang around outside her work. When I've arranged to meet her though, and I'm waiting for her to come out!


I'm not happy with what the police have done, they are causing us problems. I have no faith in them anymore.


Really can't see how they can get away doing this kind of thing..


Thank you for your help anyway

Yes, I do understand and I know these agencies do see issues where none exist but they don't usually invent it entirely in their heads without any input from the alleged victim.

You are right to have no faith. Its a witch hunt at the moment. However, in fairness, we all have rows. Most rows don't end with the police being summonsed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My wife is a lawyer. The police were called because of the abusive texts I sent. They were to a family friend who hosted my wife and her thing...


I have never hit my wife, she has hit me though. Find it odd that I was in a cell, not her!


I hear your words, I can see you think i'm not being honest! I do feel something is going on behind my back.... like I said

Well, the reason for that must be that there was some allegation against you or another.

Its not that I think you are not being honest. Its that I suspect you have not been told everything.

Obviously somebody summonsed the police. That may not have been your wife. Upon being summonsed though, I'm afraid that something is likely to have been said that amounted to an allegation against you. it might well not have been something that was intended but they do not usually go off entirely on their own frolics.
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