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can you answer me a question about the uk border control whom

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can you answer me a question about the uk border control whom are at the airports . i was just wondering if these people are aloud to search your suitcases . or weather this would be down to customs ..i don't know if they are trained in different ways thank you john sayer

The UK Border Force has combined powers over immigration/passport checks and HMRC functions for collection of taxes, so yes, they are allowed to check your belongings if they suspect anything is wrong or illegal.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

in my case. they stopped me at passport control i never even picked my own case up . a friend of mine picked my case up and bought it to myself

while i was in the search area. i never left the passport control area.

i did not go through the customs. the right to declare or nothing to declare were they right to search my cases?

Yes, I am afraid they had the power to do so.

Sorry if this is not what you wish to hear but I can only advise you truthfully.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes you are right it is not what i wanted to hear but i don't understand why we have declare or not declare options if they didn't give me the chance to declare my items. my case was searched before i had the chance to declare.

i am just trying to find out what the law is concerning customs?

You may read more about the customs policy here:

There are also powers under the Terrorism Act to stop, question and search you at the UK Border, this could also have been a reason, if not customs related.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you. i understand what you have told me. its just I'm in crown court this month and my barrister just said something that has confused me. why has my barrister not told me that.

also can you tell me how much this has now cost me and how do i cancel the monthly payments as they will be coming out of my ex wives card after i go to prison.


I am afraid I cannot comment on what your barrister has or has not advised you.

Once you leave a rating, you may ask customer service that this is a one off question and not a monthly subscription.

All the best
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