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Can I get recompense for a scam with regard to a free trial

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Can I get recompense for a scam with regard to a free trial of two cosmetic products and then finding my credit card has been charged with 95 pounds and 89 pounds respectively. The advert was supposed to be a trial for the products which required credit card details for postage payment only. My credit card company say that there isn't really anything they can do other than stop the payment as long as I pick it up quickly on the online banking which I do regularly.
Can you help I am worried they will take more money and I really cannot afford this problem as I pay my credit card every month and cannot afford that much extra on my bill.
Thank you

You may cancel your credit card (e.g. saying it is lost or stolen) and ask your credit company to issue a new card to you so that authomatically stops all payments from your account.

You may then separately claim your money back from this company by issuing court summons against them for the refund of your money at

You may also report the company to trading standards.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

By company do you mean the two companies that have taken my money or the credit card company?

The companies which have taken your money.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As the two companies were very clever not to divulge much information I do not even have an address I only know the companies names from the credit card transactions and the only information I get from the internet is that Rivolskin, one of the companies, has been posted for a scam. So, I will probably just have to get the credit card company to cancel my card but they did tell me that that might not sort the problem, which |I did not fully understand.


If you report your card as lost or stolen, no further payments should be made from that card and you can make a claim against the credit card company if they still go ahead and deduct money from your card nevertheless.

Hope this clarifies.
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