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Jo C.
Jo C., Barrister
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To whom it may concern, Dear Sir, Madam, Thank you for

Customer Question

To whom it may concern,

Dear Sir, Madam,

Thank you for yourprecious time and advice.

I have just paid a £3292.91 bill to HGV Express for a 8 day training course that would have seen me obtain Category 2 and category 1 heavy goods vehicle licences.
The Agent who sold the course to me, stated the cost of the course £2499.00 and promised the inclusion of a CPC certificated training, FREE! CPC meaning certificate of professional competence. He also promised a 3 day post training professional training.
This as I understand it was also a FREE! and written into the quote.

As I have already obtained a medical certificate to drive and obtained a DVLA theory test certificate and DVLA Hazard Perception certificate, I did not expect to be charged for this but I was! £50 added to the receipt.

On the receipt, the combination course is billed to me as £1849.17; so all in all the total course cost is £3292.91 inclusive of the 3 day post training course but no inclusion of a CPC course!

Again reiterating, The Agent quoted £2499.99 inclusive of VAT for the whole deal; this according to the Customer Care Agent was supposed to cover the course of the training; the test fees; the Professional post test training period and CPC.

I opted by consent for their pass protection and pass protection test fees: amounting to £310.00

I received an invoice this morning which did not show the inclusion of CPC training which is about £350 for most HGV training.

The website boasted a £400 saving and nothing was said about that in the receipt!
Not that I am concerned about their standard of advertising and salesmanship.

Can I do something about recovering the difference between the verbal quote over the phone for the combination course of 8 days, CPC training and post training professional which was to have cost me £2499.00 inc of VAT.

At the time I was paying for the course, over the phone, I was led to believe I was paying £2499.00 inclusive of VAT for the training; the CPC course and 3 days professional post test training.

As I did have reservations about pursuing the class 1 licence the company did offer me the promise of a 'refunding of the difference in costs' if I felt I was not good enough to continue.

But the agent did not tell me that the sum of £3292.91 would be exacted from me at the time of acceptance of the course offer; I was assuming £2499.99 bill for the course that we initially agreed on.

I only realised this morning, 2 days after paying the bill that I had been charged £3292.91

I phoned the company this morning and the agent's manager informed me that it had nothing to do with him; that I was to make contact with the seller on Monday morning to resolve the issue. I am almost sure that the 3 day post test professional training was written in the verbal quote as FREE! because HGV Express are desperate to fill in contractual vacancies with various big companies like WINCANTON; a company they tell me would have given me the break into this career.

The Agent went to great lengths to tell me that their company only makes money from companies that take drivers on board on a contractual basis! and they need drivers badly!

Sorry if this sounds mixed up. My credit card provider Capital One thinks I may have been mis-sold this ' product' but how do I provide evidence! I only have my wife who was with me when I was discussing the offer and she gave me her consent to borrow the money.

Can I cancel? because I certainly have misgivings about HGV Express now. I was looking forward to this line of work, and according to their letter to me this morning, they have made it now clear to me that they cannot guarantee me any work! On the phone they encouraged me to believe that an interview and an assessment with WINCANTON would be on the cards after a 3 day assessment with them.
This will be very unlikely without a CPC anyway.

Thank you for making yourself available for people like me.
Brian Lally
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law