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I had the medical for my US spousal visa yesterday and admitted

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I had the medical for my US spousal visa yesterday and admitted to trying marijuana once at college (some 16 years ago)

Is this going to be a huge problem with my upcoming spousal visa appointment which will be scheduled soon? Myself and my wife are beside ourselves with the fear of this following my moment or honesty with the doctor (my admission triggered a standard urine sample drug test, which I will pass as I do not take drugs)

We have since googled the info and read online cases of people being banned for a year (and having to reapply) and also those that had no problems following their 'all clear' urine test results and successfully receiving their visa.

Also - we are considering immediately seeking advice from an immigration lawyer - is this something you would suggest doing?

thank you
Thank you for your question.

You have nothing to worry about. You tried a cannabis based drug years ago. So what? You have no criminal record and no drug problem as the test will show. You have nothing to worry about.

From a legal or medical point of view this will not affect your application.

Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry to be replying so late after your first answer I will be giving top feedback immediately after your response - but just a follow up.


I appreciate your expertise in the area, but what about the various cases i've been reading about online (forums mostly) who have had problems?


I can only assume that these people admitted use and subsequently tested positive? You seem 100% confident I will face no sort of problem, but what if I get a particularly un-lenient interviewer? - isn't it largely down to them, and a bit of a grey area if they don't like 'something' ?


One other thing, can you advise on how this may be brought up in my US embassy visa interview - or given that I will test negative - might it not even be mentioned?


And finally...if i'm asked - i'm assuming a straight, no nonsense, truthful response is best, XXXXX XXXXX mistake i made as a 20yr old kid and something I regretted' ?

I can't comment on the other cases you have read. What you have to remember is that the interviewers have a set of rules and guidelines to follow. Thy are trying to filter out people with criminal a convictions and those of bad character.

I doubt it would be mentioned at interview or if it is you deal with it as a one time mistake as you say.