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Hi, I want to sell my outside toilet (4ft X 3ft) to my neighbour,

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Hi, I want to sell my outside toilet (4ft X 3ft) to my neighbour, which will enable him to build an extension. Having looked into the legal side it seems straightforward but I've no idea what to sell it for. Any pointers on getting a rough figure much appreciated.
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There is really no fixed guidelines on how much you should sell it for - as with any sale of land, it all comes down to how valuable it is for your neighbour. If it enables him to build an extension which he wouldn't be able to do otherwise, you may want to see if he is prepared to pay £5,000 plus your legal costs in transferring the land to him.
No doubt the extension will cost him a fair bit and I'm not sure how much spare capital he has. However, if you start at £5,000 you can always come down if you are prepared to accept a lower figure.

If, of course you feel he may pay, you can always start at a figure of £10,000 but this may be slightly excessive.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you require any further clarification. Make sure he pays your legal fees (may be up to £750 plus VAT).

Kind Regards
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That's very helpful to helpful to have a rough idea. Thanks a lot. In fact he planned to build an extension anyway, but having the extra toilet space gives him a better extension. So I suspect £5000 may be beyond what he will pay. But would you suggest a minimum figure, e.g. minimum £2000, although I might initially suggest to him higher than that. In other words what might be unwise to go below?

Hi Rachel,

Thinking about then, if he is going to build the extension anyway, £5,000 may be taking the mickey, provided you are happy to dispose of your toilet and it doesn't downvalue your property too much.

I would therefore say go for £2,500 plus your legal fees, but expect to be knocked down to £2,000 plus your legals. I certainly wouldn't sell it for less than that.

Good luck!

Kind Regards
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