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I worked for lettings and leasing. Left last summer. Now work

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I worked for lettings and leasing. Left last summer. Now work for contractor who undertakes some of their work. The managing director has verbally told contractor to sack me if he doesnt he will no longer get work from them. Obviously he needs work and is frightened that said manager will spread the word so to speak across the city thus making his position untenable. I said I would leave as I would not want a firm to fold. But am naturally very angry about situation. I pose no threat other than I have been chasing invoices. A dilemma as I am honest person but if I need to go on to jobseekers they will need to know reason for leaving and so my contractor ex boss would need to lie. Any ideas.

Sorry to hear about this.

What is your question please?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there anything I can do without compromising the contractor I worked for. He is an honourable man but scared of repercussions from the managing director of the firm. He seems to be powerful figure in the network of estate agents in the city. It is really what options do I have and is he untouchable. I thank you for rapid response, always wary of online sites. I researched and his firm is registered under the TPO scheme where it states professionalism, integrity etc.

Your query is very complicated and sensitive for an online site such as this one but there is a possible cause of action against the MD for inducing your current employer (the contractor) to breach their contract with you e.g. if the contractor were to dismiss you without notice, you could have a claim against the MD for the tort of inducing breach of contract.

Such claims are complicated and I would suggest that you read more about this possible cause of action here:

Other than that, I do not see what other recourse you have against the MD other than a defamation claim if they are slandering you. But such defamation claims are costly and time consuming and you do not get legal aid for them.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you so much. You have been great.It was as I thought but to hear from you has provided clarity. Again thanks

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