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Clare, Solicitor
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My seven year old son is accused of sexually touching another

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My seven year old son is accused of sexually touching another child, but the police allegation as to what actually happened is that of something an adult would know. Whe the parents are shocked by the allegation. The police and social services have questioned 5 apparent witnesses who have all said they did not see anything of the sort. Romours had spread around his school, we took our son out of school for a week after the head teacher agreed even though the accuser is still in school. I do not understand why the parent is not keeping the child out until the investigation has reached an outcome. Our son is not allowed back as per the head teacher telling us after a week that he shouldn't return until things proceed. Our son is missing out on his education..... Also week are not sure if we need legal advice ? Please help ?! And point us in the write direction please.


Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

Why are the police involved in this? Of he is 7 then he is below the age of criminal responsibility.
Thank you for your question.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I have been asked to look at this for you
What have Social Services said so far?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi, i have sent this letter below to complain about the social worker.............


I am writing to inform you of my complaint regarding a member of you staff, Miss Prudence Diedericks.

Ever since an allegation was made against my son which was only disclosed to me, a week prior to the alleged incident, on the 28th February 2014.
I was made aware when I received a call by my son’s school requesting me to attend and speak to them as “as something was said to Isam”.

When I arrived the Head teacher Martin Tune, a Police Woman, Danielle, and a Social Worker, Prudence, met me. It materialized that they intended on speaking to my son and that made me feel alarmed/worried not knowing what was going on. I wanted to speak to my son and see him. I was advised by the police officer that they didn’t have to wait and get my consent before speaking to my son. I said I wanted to see him. Prudence asked me what I was going to say to my son, I replied, “ I don’t know, I’m a mother and it comes naturally to me”. This question was very intrusive and personal.

I had no contact made by social services or anyone else as to what was going on, no assistance was made available to me in this matter what so ever. I had to make contact myself, during our 1st meeting on the 28th February 2014 Prudence did not even bother to exchange contact details with me. They could see I was in a state of shock as to what I was told.
Once I sourced Prudence’s contact details I had left a message with members of staff at your offices for Prudence to call me back. Prudence did call me back.

During the telephone conversation on the 5th February 2014, Prudence became extremely defensive when I had asked her why she had not given me her contact details nor did she call me on the following Monday as she said she would in the 1st meeting.
The only thing she repeated was “you should of asked for my details”. This response was very unprofessional and her conduct in this situation was not that of a trained /qualified professional social worker. Prudence’s conduct was improper and she had disregarded the fact that the matter in hand is extremely sensitive also that she is dealing with a concerned parent. Furthermore I had requested advise on this matter and requested Prudence to point me in the right direction, as I have never been in this situation before. Whether I would need legal advise as I feel solicitors/social workers etc… are al experienced under these circumstances and the allegations made.

Her response was I have no information for you to seek advise and you can try Citizens Advise Bureau nevertheless when we meet on DATE I will provide you with some leaflets.

On my 3rd meeting at our sons school, during an update on the situation, I attempted to explain the lack and delay of information I had received, also what assistance and advise I can seek on this matter, Prudence disregarded my question on direction of legal advice and replied with attitude “ I did already advise you that you can go to the Citizens Advice and that is all I can do for you”.
I attempted to explain to her my telephone conversation with her prior to the meeting she just waved her had at me and said, “ Hold your horses”.

“ Social workers now have to meet the HCPC standards of proficiency which are competency standards relevant to their area of practice. They also have to meet the standards of conduct, performance and ethics.
HCPC standards play a key role in ensuring public protection by making sure that social workers in England will have the competency, knowledge, values and behaviour expected of them by members of the public and employers alike”.

I have only had two meetings with Prudence and one telephone conversation and she has made me feel that I can not trust her and her lack of unprofessionalism has been extremely distressful for me and my sons father. I do not want Prudence to deal with my son’s sensitive case.

Hence I have to write this letter of complaint to you and I am requesting that you assign a social worker that I can work with and someone who will be more professional and sensitive to this matter.

I will also be forwarding this letter to HCPC that regulates social worker.


i hope this helps


we are yet to hear back from the police and social services and are worried our son will be bullied in his school of which he joined only 4 weeks ago.... they interviewed 5 witnesses and all have confirmed not seeing what was alleged.



we dont know what to do we are at a loss as we know our son is innocent.


please help


thanking you in advance.

Has a further meeting been called at all?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No we are waiting, no communication was made to us other than a meeting with the police to give us an update after they had interviewed all the potential witnesses and the last thing the police officer said that we will have to speak to the child who made the allegation as they wanted to know more information, not sure if I can tell you the allegation word for word?
The involvement of the police is limited to ascertaining what happened and whether or not there is any possibility of adult abuse of the child - your child is too young for there to be any criminal charges brought against him.
However the mere fact that such an allegation has been made raises a question over BOTH the children and Social Services will be looking at both families carefully
Social Services cannot give you legal advice - and will only give you details of local solicitors if they have to formally write and advise that there is a risk of care proceedings - which is not the current position.
It was clearly wrong not to give you proper contact details and you are right to bring this to the attention of her line manager -
However the situation where your child is out of education is clearly not acceptable and you should arrange a meeting with the head as soon and ask what arrangements will be made for his return
Legal advice at this stage is optional - but you can get support from the Family rights Group (
Please ask if you need further details

Clare, Solicitor
Category: Law
Satisfied Customers: 35042
Experience: I have been a solicitor in High Street Practice since 1985 with a wide general experience.
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