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Hi Jo, I do realise that they have to go through reports

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Hi Jo,

I do realise that they have to go through reports such as Councillors. Social Services possibly psychologists reports, police reports, doctors reports, school reports and witness statements

I was reading the CAFCASS report last night and the daughter who alleges I raped her has stated in the report meeting her great grandmother in London (My Grandmother) and eating ice cream yet she has never ever met her or spoken to her she dopes not even know what she looks like it seems rather odd she has stated this.

Also my ex has made allegations of my dad molesting my sister in law which again is a fabrication as my sister in law is still living with my dad and also she can confirm this has never happened. Another fabrication by ex wife is that my Aunty in Birmingham who is a dental practitioner is a fraudster but she is completely clean can all these be used as evidence?

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

Well, the problem with this is the it is epidemic among some people. There are these people who will always making allegations against everybody basically because, in my opinion, they like the attention that comes with being a victim.

You may be able to introduce the fact that they have previously made other allegations the world without basis but you need to make a bad character application against them at court.

The test for bad character is very high but I think at least in relation to the sexual abuse claims you would probably be able to introduce it if you can show relevance.

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