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I have worked for same company 10yrs in that time they asked

Customer Question

I have worked for same company 10yrs in that time they asked me to go to USA on an ex company's work visa for them I did and as a result they have restricted my employment opportunities (I should not have been put in this position )On another occasion I was involved with a work accident,my hand and wrist was struck by a steel object,a supervisor was involved in this accident and suggested in do light duties which I did.2weeks later my hand still swollen I went to hospital and was informed I'd broken the wrist.i informed management who said nothing could be done as I hadn't put it in accident book.i was not happy with this answer so I contacted H.S.E. they said as far as they are concerned management knew of accident as supervisor was involved in a result company reported accident,I have never put in any claim(4yrs ago).now before Christmas I have been working in libya.we completed job in record time and are now back in libya on another site.after this there is a job at the 1st site again.All personnel are the same with an addition of 2more looks as though myself and another guy will be going back to work on u.k. Jobs but I feel I've been used and unfairly treated,I'm 59yrs old and wondered if I'd have a case for constructive dismissal if I resigned.i await your reply thanking you. Regards I.L.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 3 years ago.

Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is Ben and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Why are you not being considered for this job and being sent back to the UK?

JACUSTOMER-56ww9453- : I work for a German company and they
JACUSTOMER-56ww9453- : They get round laws by calling personnel specialists ie one of the new lads coming out has come to drive a crane we've all got crane experience but he has a cab training tick by his.maybe a one hour coarse but he has a relative high up in company and gets put on these coarses nepatsm is rife I just wanted to know the law on these matters,,it is complicated I know on this subject so as my wrist still causes pain is there a time limit or could I claim in the future for this injury.thank you
Ben Jones :

Hi, thank you - what do you believe the employer has actually done wrong that is so serious to allow you to leave and claim constructive dismissal?