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My tenant informed me that the value on my taps had broken

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My tenant informed me that the value on my taps had broken and she had had her plumber out 3 times (he happens to be a friend of hers) and she had a part on order that would cost me £200!
I told her she was not allowed to employ her own tradesmen in my property and got y own plumber to the property the next morning. My plumber told me the tap had been forced and there were knives in the bath that they had used to prise the value! They had also cracked the tiles! I had the part (costing £70) on order with express deliver the same day and told her I would be in touch as soon as it arrived.
The next day (today) she text me and said " because you have failed to give me hot water I have taken action and had the value fitted and paid the plumber £200. I have a receipt and the old valve but if you don't pay it I will deduct it from the rent!"
What can I do? She is a manic depressive and is consistently late paying the rent (only by 1-2 days each month) but keeps insisting that there are problems that must be sorted in seconds - but then won't allow me access and when I text her to tell her the plumber was coming the next morning she ignored my text and then called me after he had been and said "how dare you let him into my flat!" What can I do? I would like to evict her!

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

She may do this. Some tenants have unrealistic expectations.

If she does then you can always either sue her for the money at the small claims court or deduct from her rent. You are being perfectly reasonable and, in fact, you are entitled to use your own tradesmen to do the work unless, of course, you kept her waiting for an unreasonable time.

If she is on an AST then you can only evict her at the end of the agreement unless you can show S8 breaches.

If she is on a periodic agreement then you can use a S21 notice at any time.

1pm the next day after being advised at 5.30pm is perfectly reasonable and you will win at court.

Can I clarify anything for you?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What do you mean by "deduct from her rent" she is talking about deducting the £200 she has paid to her plumber from the rent she owes me next can I deduct from her rent? I already have the part on order (for which I paid £70). Do you mean deduct from her deposit? I.e when she leaves?
Thank you
Yes, I meant deduct from her deposit.

The disadvantage of that is that you have to wait until the end of the agreement.

Suing her may be quicker.
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