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Around 6 months ago I got into a bar fight in Marseille, a

Customer Question

Around 6 months ago I got into a bar fight in Marseille, a man who was in the bar and I got into an argument after he became aggressive when I accidentally picked up his drink . after pushing each other slightly he put both hands around my neck and stopped me breathing for a few seconds. Other people in the bar pulled us apart at which stage after I got my breath back I walked by the man to get my coat. At this point I thought he was going to attack me again and I punched him 3 times to the ground. I am not seeking to justify my actions as I was confused, disorientated and inebriated so am unsure whether he was going to attack me or just baiting me but at the time I genuinely believed my life was in danger due to the fact he stopped me breathing very easily. I would guess he sustained a broken jaw/cheekbone in the incident but could not confirm this as I left the bar immediately.

There were security cameras in the bar and I am worried about the legal situation I am in if the french authorities wish to speak to me?

I have read avidly about the European Arrest Warrant and I am extremely concerned that if I was arrested on this that I could spend up to 3 years on remand before a trial where I could clear my name.

I imagine I would be easy to identify as people in the bar knew that I was irish and there are not many flights from ireland to that area of france.

Can you give me any advice on whether I would be extradited for this and if this is a request france would make?

If there was an extradition request would I be able to negotiate please etc.. With french authorities to avoid going back?

How long would it normally take from an incident like this occurring to an extradition request?

For information, I hold dual irish and uk nationality and currently reside in Northern England.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law