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Hi, I signed one year contract as a student in the UK halls

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I signed one year contract as a student in the UK halls of residence and I paid the first instalment only. I stayed there from Sep 2013-end of Feb 2014. Because the halls of residence were very noisy and there were slamming doors that affected my performance I decided to stop my studies in the UK. There was not other choice for me as I could not go well in my studies. I left back in my country (which belongs to the European Union) without paying the second and third instalment (2,800 pounds approximately is the money that I normally owe).

The scheme manager send to my home address (in my country) the following: If payment is still not forthcoming, I confirm that it is the landlord's intention to recover this debt through issuing a money claim raised against the guarantor (my father) and me- the student. The claim will confirm the outstanding debt and request that the Court costs be added to the debt. Recovery will be made by the Court Bailiff collecting either payment or goods to a similar value of the debt. The County Court Judgment registered against the guarantor - my father and me - the student will remain on the Court's record until the full debt is cleared. This may affect any future attempts to obtain credit or loans.

I am now back in my country but I do not want to pay because the scheme manager did not want actually to help me with my problems there and see me only as a profit. I do not plan to come in the UK again and I only have there a bank account that contains some money (2,900 pounds). To be honest with you, I intended to pay him the rest, but his behaviour towards me made me furious and I am planning to ignore any message that is sent on behalf of him or the British Court.

Am I in danger? And what can I do to defend my self and my guarantor? Can he sent bailiffs in my country OR even removes me the money from the UK account?

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

Where are you based please?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have you received my answer?

I am sorry but its bad news.

He can issue proceedings against you in the UK and if you do not come to the UK to defend them or instruct solicitors, he will get a judgement against you.

He can then apply to court for a further order to have the money taken straight from your bank account so it would be worthwhile emptying the bank account before that.

He can enforce the judgement (obtained in the UK) in a court in Greece although the cost of doing that may be prohibitive.

He can only enforce the judgement increase in accordance with Greek law so you are faced with getting Greek legal advice with regard to enforcement.

The Greek legal system will not query the judgement but simply enforce it if the landlord makes an application to do so.

Whether the landlord will go to all this trouble or not is anyone's guess.

My advice to the landlord would be that he has very little chance of getting this money economically

I don't think your allegation of the slamming doors affecting your studies is a worthwhile defence because you had the alternative of moving to other accommodation if you so wish.

The fact that you cease to your studies does not assist you at all with regard to the claim for accommodation.

I am sorry that this is bad news for you in all probability

Can I clarify anything for you?

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