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hello i went onto rated people .com i needed a bath and basin

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hello i went onto rated people .com i needed a bath and basin with pipes and traps fitted also some tiles fitted above the bath and basin i had the tiles my self also some plywood for the small bathroom floor this guy contacted me named vas he said every thing new including the copper pipes did not fit the copper pipes just joined to old pipes and he would box some pipes he said £770 for the job and no cowboy work he said it would take a couple days so i booked the time off work so he could do the job he came to start the work only to vanish a few hours later came the next day with his work mate scott he brought the bath few hours later goes again next day turns up saying could i give him some money for the materials foolish me i did £600 i thought this is going to be a longer job the next time he called he said his car had broken down and it would cost him £400 to fix as if i should feel sorry for him and could i let him have £100 for the plywood only he had left his wallet at home again i let him have it now he has £700 of my money i was not happy with is materials or his work he had laid hardboard to the bathroom floor and not plywood i phoned him and he said he would knock me £30 off the bill scott had boxed some pipes but i had to rip it up owing to a leak under my floor boards for which i told him about but he said water goes down and not up he wanted to fix the leak and said it was going to cost me another £170 do the work when i said i have got no more money he said i could owe it to him and he would collect it in a couple months i said no and got it fixed by another plumber for half the price by now i have not got all my bathroom panels he said he had to reorder owing to damage to it my son had to have words with him he finally dropped the panel of at his house and the cheeky man says i still owe him £130 and had left the invoice with my son my son says he did not receive it just a demand for another £130 i had a email of him stating how much the materials had cost him £603 i said i wanted some refund he said unbelievable and the work still not finished after several phone call and text he calls to fit the panel but the says oh scott does a good job he can fix it i get onto scott but he says hes a plumber and you need a carpenter i had to get another bathroom fitter to do the job and cost me another £65 i told vas about this extra work and he said i don`t want any trouble and would let me have £50 never got it of him i have been let down by these men i even had to take the rubbish away to the tip because he said it would cost him i let rogue traders know about this chap can i take him or should i claim compensation and how much thanks david saunders

Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

How much you paid in total and how much is it going to cost you to get it fixed?

How much will you supposed to pay in total?

Do you have an address for this guy?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi jo i paid this workman £700 he wanted £770 i have his address

i paid another man £65 to fix the bath panel and also paid £125 to another plumber to fix the leaking pipe thanks david


So to clarify, the whole job is now sorted to your satisfaction apart from the fact that you had to pay another £190 to other people? Is that it?\

What about the floor?

Is anything else at all outstanding or not completely 100% right?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi jo the floor boards cost £10 also the laminated floor tiles cost £32 i have yet to box the pipes can i just say that i paid for plywood to be fitted he fitted hard board because he said the tiles would fit better but that doesn` do in a bathroom i had to tear the stair carpet to get to the leaking pipe £100 for that also a small skirting needs replacing does the cost of this extra apply to him or is it down to contents insurance

for which i could not claim because my excess was to high


The first thing I would do is refer this to your local trading standards because they are quite hot on rogue traders.

You have already reported it to the website which is good.

He quoted you to do a job at a particular price and that is what you are entitled to have.

He is under a duty under the Supply of Goods and Services Act to carry out the job with reasonable care and skill which he appears not to have done.

Your remedy here is to get the whole job sorted and whatever it costs you over and above the original £700, ask him for that money.

If he does not pay to you, sue him in the small claims court which you can do by following this link

Itemise everything that has been done and the cost and attach copies of the receipts to the claim.

I would not exchange a lot of correspondence with him.

Once the job has been done, send him copies of the bills and give him in the letter 10 days to pay.

On the 11th day, issue small claims court proceedings against him

Can I clarify anything for you?

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