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Ash, Solicitor
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I have a tenancy ageement with my landlord for two years now

Customer Question

I have a tenancy ageement with my landlord for two years now .We usualy renew it every year.The ending date is 6th on june 2014..
Last year Autumn time i have asked my landlord if she intendes to sell the house or not renting it anymore because i planned my wedding ceemony in MEY 2014 and after that we flying Back Home for the big wedding in july 2014 and i can't and don't want to move before that and i can't accept nottice in short time before my wedding
She verbaly secured me (with witnesses that has no intention of selling and to not be concerned
She reinsured me with this statement few months ago when she sent over an agent to reevaluate the house
She called me to ask me to let him in to the property because the evaluation is for morgage reasones and not for selling ,to not be worried .I took her word for it
Now with 2 months before my ceremony she is giving me notice to move out because she is selling the property.
I have no time now to look for a property because i took 2 jobs to be able to pay for my wedding and i can't take off .I work Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6.30-7 pm
All the houses i've seen on the market i have no time to go and view them.They only do viewings before 6.30 pm
I would like to say that before we entered the house we (me and my husband ) renovated the house(with her materials and our hand work) and this obviously puts the price up for the house
Untiill today we keept the huse in a perfect imaculate condition and we never ever been late with the rent (of 1700 pounds/mounth)
I feel abused and mislead and the level of stress that she is puting us through is affecting our lives,and work .

What should i do ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 4 years ago.

Alex Watts : Hello my name is Alex and I will help you with this. Please note that I am a working Solicitor and may be on and offline as I have to attend Court and meet with clients, even at weekends. As such you may not get an instant response when you reply, but rest assured I will be giving your question my immediate attention upon return You do not need to wait here as you will get an email when I reply.
Alex Watts : When do you pay your rent and when did she give notice please?
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

I pay my rent every 6th of the month and she gave me notice few days ago

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :


JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :


Alex Watts : Yes you have to remember that I am not on here 24 hours.
Alex Watts : Do you have it in writing that the landord will renew your agreement please?
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :


Alex Watts : Its bad news then I am afraid,
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

Ye please

Alex Watts : If the landlord has not commiteed the renewal in writing then it is subject to contract
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

yes please

Alex Watts : That men
Alex Watts : That means subject to you both signing a new contract
Alex Watts : Either party can pull out of the renewal at any time up to the new contract is signed.
Alex Watts : This means the landlord can give you notice.
Alex Watts : By law the landod must give you at least 2 months.
Alex Watts : The landlord has given notice now which takes effect from 6th April when rent is due.
Alex Watts : This means you do have to be out by 6th June.
Alex Watts : Sadly all you can do is delay moving by refusing to leave.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :


Alex Watts : If you refuse the landlord would have to issue possession proceedings which buys you around 6 weeks
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

because i wont be here

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

i llbe back home

Alex Watts : The matter will be listed in court and the judge can grant possssssion.
Alex Watts : But sadly that is all you can do.
Alex Watts : The landlord is in their right to refuse to renew and give you notice.
Alex Watts : There is nothing you can do about that
Alex Watts : I am sorry if this is not necessarily the answer you want and certainly not the one I want to give you, but I have a duty to be honest.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

but if i am not here in that period of time what hey can do ...ill be back at the end of july

Alex Watts : They can get a court order for possession. That buys you 2 months at the most.
Alex Watts : Once they have possession you can't get back into the property.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

from 6th of june?

Alex Watts : Whenever the court order is.
Alex Watts : So if proceedings are issued for possession and they are heard say 15th July and the court makes a possession order the landlord can Get bailiffs in
Alex Watts : Then once bailiffs take back the property you can't get back in
Alex Watts : You are evicted.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

bu if i want to leave earlier?

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

not on 6th of june ....before that

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

i am obliged to pay rent till the ending date?

Alex Watts : You are bound by contract to 6th June so technically you are liable yes.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

i have a last question

Alex Watts : I am sorry, can I clarify anything for you?
Alex Watts : Ok
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

because now she will want to send agents with buyers to view the property i obliged to let them in ?

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

she said that if i a not home she mey come herself to show it ...and i don't agree that

Alex Watts : If your contract says you are yes.
Alex Watts : You need to check the wording.
Alex Watts : If it says you will allow reasonable acesss for viewings then you have to sadly.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

but when i am available ,right

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :


Alex Watts : Not necessarily, depends on the wording of the clause in the agreement.
Alex Watts : If it says reasonable access you don't have to be there.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

it says :Allow possible new tenants and buyers to look at the property (on at least 24 h written notice) during the enancy

Alex Watts : Then you need 24 hours written norice.
Alex Watts : It does not say you have to be there.
Alex Watts : I am sorry
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything else?
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :


JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

thank you

Alex Watts : I am sorry it's not better news. But all the beat
Alex Watts : best
Alex Watts : Please remember to leave feedback before you go today.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

have you finished answering?

Alex Watts : Have I answered all your question?
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

not ealy bu just leave it like that

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

i just have to rate but it says you didn't finish answering

Alex Watts : What else would you like to know?
Alex Watts : I am happy to answer any additional questions.
Alex Watts : But sadly because you have this tenancy agreement I can only tell you what the law is
Alex Watts : I have a duty to be truthful.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

whell when i payd i didnt know that

Alex Watts : Of course.
JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

i used this sevice before and was totly different

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

but ni worries

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

i will leve it like that

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

thank you

Alex Watts : All the best.
Alex Watts :

I see you have rated BAD SERVICE despite me answering the question fully for you?

Alex Watts :

What else do you want to know?

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

it is not about your answer only is the way you treated me

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

i have paid for a service ...on the website it says that i get the answer quick ...

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

when i asked when ill get my answer you answered very impolite :"Yes you have to remember that I am not on here 24 hours."

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

like i was disturbing you or something

JACUSTOMER-8xk0jdv0- :

Never mind time be nice to your clients and you will get a good feedback

Alex Watts : I asked you for further information at 11.58pm. You asked at 6.31 when will I get my answer.
Alex Watts : i replied at 6.41am reminding you that I am not online 24 hours a day.
Alex Watts : We then had a very long discussion to which I gave you the full legal answer.
Alex Watts : But this means you get your answer for free, which is good.
Alex Watts : Good luck.