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Hi ghink ive been scammed and been gullable.i got an email

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Hi ghink ive been scammed and been gullable.i got an email to my advert for a puppie to goodhome for myson whos a reply from isle of wight a katie williams .said I just had to pay for flight shouldve known not to do it but fight companysaying that ive to pay £800 for insurance for it to travel and that gheyve already transfered her to my name even tho no got her as yet or zigned anything.its kc registered nd said she transfered it in my name.can you help .its al wordof mouth part fdom flight ticket .whatdo I do or whede do I stand .

You should simply inform the flight company that you do not agree to paying for the insurance and that they should stop harassing you for payment.

You may ask the owner of the puppy to send it by land instead of air.

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

now they are sayin they are gonna forward my details nd get me charged for pet abandonment and that ill have to pay within 2days .nd could cost up to 15000 .wat do i do

Ignore them and report them to the police for harassment. It sounds like a scam.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

seller said went paid 650 nd id to pay 150 but no proof .just seen scammer site .still threatin as said police wont do anything .that i need a lawyer .but cant afford one .willbi b able to go citizens advice .im actually getting abit worked up bout it .havent sent anymore money .i was rempted but didnt .

You should simply stop communicating with them. Yes, you may go to citizens advice for assistance.