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Although my mother-in-law willed her flat to me my sister in

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Although my mother-in-law willed her flat to me my sister in law has won our 6-year court battle for her one-third legal right. This was for the flat in Italy. I live in the UK. I received a letter from a UK debt recovery company threatening bailiff action if I didnt pay £40k in 7 days. The flat has been sold, undersold due to its poor state. I am struggling financially. Please help

What is the debt for?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The judgement from Italian court that she won her suit for her entitlement.

I do not understand. Why have you been sued for the money?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My Italian mother in law died 7 yes ago. She willed her 2bd flat in italy to me and my 2 adult children. Because my husband has a sister, italian law states that her will is invalid thus the estate is to be divided equally by 3. Long story short, after aXXXXXbattle the court has sentenced me to pay her one third share of £40k because the flat was initially evaluated by that same court for £120k. In the meantime i sold the flat as it was in such a state for £50k . Economy in Italy is bad. We had to undersell it. She now has the judgement and is using Uk debt agency to recover what is owing to her from the judgement.

I am afraid the Italian judgement may be enforced in England against you by a process known as European Enforcement Order.

You may ignore the debt agency demand if you are unable to pay the money and let them take steps to enforce the judgement against you.

If you have no assets, you could end up being made bankrupt I am afraid.

There is not much that you can do as it seems the judgement was validly issued under Italian law.

Hope this helps
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