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Alice H
Alice H, Solicitor/Partner
Category: Law
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Having sold my property I am finding it impossible to collect

Customer Question

Having sold my property I am finding it impossible to collect my contents and personal effects! I have been barred from the premiss and even my removal company has been denied access
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 3 years ago.

Alex Hughes :

My name is Alex Hughes and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.

Alex Hughes :

Is the sale complete? Have you exchanged contracts and completed on the sale?

JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : I completed on sale on 29th August 2013
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : I completed 8 months ago on 29th August 2013
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : I completed on the 29th August 2013 the c
Alex Hughes :

OK. Why was your property not removed before the buyer moved in and the keys handed over?

JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : I completed on 29th August 2013 the general and named contents we left on site as part of a
Alex Hughes :

You have not finished the sentence. Please clarify why you personal effects were not removed before the keys were handed over.

JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : theyat hey were left on site as I had an agreement that I would be paid 5000 pounds per month for lea
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Loaning them until the buyer could replace the contents they are in breach of this agreement
Alex Hughes :

I'm sorry I do not understand what you mean. Please explain the problem clearly.

JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : On the s
Alex Hughes :

OK. So you loaned the contents to the buyer and now you want those items back?

JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : After the sale of the property I had a contract with
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Two contracts with the buyers
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Firstly to pay me for my equity on a m th
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Y basis
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Secondly to pay me for marketing
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Thirdly to pay for loaning the contents to the buyers business
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : They are in breach of all 3 contents but still utilizing my contents as part of their business which is weddings and rental
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Yes they have notaid me
JACUSTOMER-vhfo2elv- : Yes I want the contents returned as they are in breach of their various contracts with me and I have not been paid
Alex Hughes :

I see. So the buyer has breached an agreement that you had in relation to your property. In this case you will have to start legal proceedings to enforce your rights. The first step is to the send the other party a letter of claim setting out the basis of your claim and what you are asking the party to do. If they do not comply with the letter then you will have to start a Court claim for a) breach of contract b) damages for losses you have incurred c) restitution of your property d) associated costs. You may wish to employ a solicitot to write the letter and commence proceedings on your behalf.