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We have a business lease for a lock up shop starting 1/10/2012

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We have a business lease for a lock up shop starting 1/10/2012 until 01/10/2015. The lease was provided by the landlord an was drawn on a law society pre-printed lease form.
The problem we have is:
1. We were not provided with all pages of the lease. The form has 6 pages, however page 3 and 4 were not provided.

2. The lease was not signed by the landlord, only by a witness and by us.

Question: Is the lease valid or can we exit this lease given the above?

Why do you wish to exit the premises?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The landlord has been really difficult ever since we have not taken up his services as gas engineer.

We have approached him with the request to allow us to terminate the lease but he refused

Thank you.

I am afraid you are bound by the fixed term tenancy as it was only for 3 years and there is no requirement that the lease be signed by your landlord.

Furthermore, as it is based on a standard form template, the fact that pages are missing does not make the lease void as there is no requirement that the tenancy be in writing, and the fact that you know it is a standard form of lease means you cannot argue the missing pages point I am afraid.

As it is a fixed term lease, you are tied into it until the end date of 1/10/2015.

Sorry if this is now what you wish to hear, but I can only advise you truthfully.
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