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If the person has died, the will has been read and you have

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If the person has died, the will has been read and you have been informed that IF you ARE in it, you will be notified by post in due course… but if nothing shows up can you legally demand to know whats written in the will and how would you go about that? And do you have only 28 days from the day the will is read to contest it?

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I set out below a useful table concerning making claims under a Will.

I'm afraid that unless you are a beneficiary under the Will, you are not entitled to see a copy of it. as it is a private document. However, once Probate has been obtained, which can be anytime between 1 month and 12 months from the date of death, depending on the complexity of the Estate, the Will bbecomes apublic document, and any member of the public can apply for a copy of the WIll from Leeds District Probate Registry.

Time Limit
Inheritance Act Claim for maintenance

6 months from the grant of probate

Beneficiary making a claim against an estate 12 years from the date of death

no time limit applies

You can contest a will after probate although for lots of practical reasons it is always better to contest a will before probate is issued as an unscrupulous Executor aware oif any challenge to a will could dispose of the estate assets, for this reason if you believe you have grounds to challenge a will it is always best to put a Caveat on the estate first preventing probate being issued, this will provide time to allow a Solicitor to investigate the claim.

I trust this answers your question.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Really helpful reply, thank you.


If you know you are a beneficiary and you are to be notified do you get to see the whole will or just what you are entitled? And can you, as a beneficiary, demand to see the whole will...

Hi again,

Thanks for your kind reply.

Only a residuary beneficiary (ie one who is sharing a percentage of the Estate) gets to see the whole Will. All other beneficiaries, who are to inherit a specific amount or item, just get to see the copy extract from the Will showing their legacy.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards