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i was part owner of a nursery but the lease ran out so my partner

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i was part owner of a nursery but the lease ran out so my partner bought a property and started up a new nursery in another name took all the children and staff issuing them with new contracts and basically said my interest in the business ended with the old nursery ,although it was a thriving business which had goodwill. should I not be entitled to some form of compensation seeing they had benefited from being able to start the new nursery with many children and staff from the old nursery.

I am afraid unless you had entered into an agreement with your partner specifying payment of monies to you, your partner has no legal obligation to pay you anything, although there may be a moral argument that they should pay you something for this.

So, unless your partner agrees to pay you something, I am afraid there is nothing you can really do to force them to pay up without an agreement in place with them.

Hope this answers your query
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Surely it was the lease which was ended and not the business,and being a ltd company they cant just move premises and change the business without any sort of liquidation,

There is no legal obligation to liquidate the company as such simply because the lease had ended. Also, you cannot copyright ideas or make a claim against someone for executing your idea into a profitable business.

I am afraid this may not be what you wish to hear but I can only advise you truthfully in accordance with the law.

If you really want to, you may make a claim for money against your partner at and let the court decide whether you are entitled to anything. In my opinion, you are not I am afraid.

Hope this clarifies.
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