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Hi there,I did work for the nhs for sometime but decided

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Hi there,
I did work for the nhs for sometime but decided to leave due to personal home circumstances and had to return to Malaysia briefly.
I've now returned and have registered to work with an nursing agency.
About 2 months before I left my former trust, a patient arrived on the ward as an inpatient transfer on a bed unannounced with an agency nurse, she actually looked lifeless upon arrival.
We had no information about this patient being transferred to us or her diagnosis or that she had a long term tracheostomy insitu connected to a ventilator which later came to our knowledge that it was somehow disconnected possibly during her journey to the ward ( not sure how long it was disconnected..?). We followed through all procedures required but the resus team decided not to resuscitate. The patient's daughter was there throughout the situation.
All staff involved in the situation had to write a statement.

Today after 8 months, I received a call from the Met police asking me if I knew this deceased patient..and if I could come over to the station to give a statement about the event that took place.
My question is why do I need to write a statement when I have already left the trust.
Could you please advice me.

I have just seen your question.

I would advise you to co-operate as fully as possible with the police and give them a statement as requested as they seem to be investigating whether or not the law was broken as far as the deceased patient's treatment and handling was concerned.

You have nothing to worry about if you did nothing wrong and followed the proper procedure, but the police have to investigate all angles of the case and rule out any irrelevant lines of enquiry.

There is no limitation period for criminal investigations so they can even ask you for a statement after say 8 years, let alone 8 months I am afraid.

Hope this helps
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