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Alex J.
Alex J., Solicitor
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One more thing if you dont mind. In this particular instance,

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One more thing if you dont mind. In this particular instance, I have actually not yet completed conveyancing, but I am considering going ahead without my middle name to avoid delays. Long story short, but basically my passport - which is the form of ID I have used with my solicitors - does not have my middle name on it, which means that to add my middle name into the deed I'd have to request a birth certificate and wait for it to be ID checked etc.... We are late in the day and 1 week furhter delay is nto going to be good.

What do you suggest I do, shalll I go with the no-middle-name deed for now and then amend with land registry later (dont mind if there's a small fee) or shall I stall the process and ID check new forms of ID to go ahead with my full, correct name?

Alex J. :

Hi, Thank you. I would not recommend stalling the process as you might lose your seller. What you could do is just complete the purchase, make sure your contact address matches up with your details and then apply to amend your name at a later date. How long until you have to complete? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards AJ


Hi AJ - Yes that's what I thought I should do as well, thanks. I have a couple of weeks to complete. If I stall, even for a short period of time, I may upset the sellers and would definitely delay the process by a while.


AJ, could you kindly expand on this part of your answer please? "make sure your contact address matches up with your details "


Thank you.

What I mean is if anyone searched your name on any publicly available register i.e census, DVLA etc your name matches up to the address that you put on the proprietorship register.

Also have you purchased the property with a mortgage? If so the bank will take a charge over the property which will appear on the title plan - they can always therefore verify your identity as well.

Kind regards

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