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Ben Jones
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Hello I want to ask if you have a conviction on your CRB how

Customer Question

I want to ask if you have a conviction on your CRB how long does it take for this to come
Off your CRB? Also it wasn't a big thing that I did but it sounds really bad on CRB will I struggle to get a job with it? It says burglary. I am in the military and I took some conditioner from a friends room and she got me in trouble for it. I appreciate I done wrong but how long will it be on there for? Thanks
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 3 years ago.

Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is Ben and it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.

Ben Jones :

What is the conviction?

JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : Hello Ben.
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : It sounds terrible it's burglary. I am in the military and went into another friends room and took their conditioner, because of this i got in trouble and burglary was added to my CRB as I went in without asking permission. I know I did wrong but with it being a minor thing I didn't think I would have this conviction. Can I get it removed? I don't want this to affect me getting a job when I leave the RAF. I didn't go to prison but was punished.
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : Are you there?
Ben Jones :

What was the punishment?

JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : I had 14 days 'jankers' so removal of privileges. I was made to parade 3 times a day in different dress. I had to work every day after work and wasn't entitled to time off for 14 days.
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : I was told because if was a minor offence that I wouldn't go to prison.
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : I had mitigating circumstances too as I wasn't really myself as suffering depression after my dad passing away I wasn't thinking straight
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : I am just worried I want to leave the airforce and want to get a job would I struggle and can I have this removed?
Ben Jones :

when did this happen?

JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : It was about 18
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : onths ago I think
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : 18 months ago roughly
Ben Jones :

what was the official name for the punishment, the issue is that I have not dealt with military matters before and in fact I have never seen a military punishment being recorded on your criminal records check as it would usually be the police only that deal with these issues and record them on their database. So I presume the police were not involved?

JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : The police were initially involved yes as the persons room was checked for finger prints & it is burglary on the CRB I believe
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : I was also interviewed by the police and I confessed to it
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : Would you be able to find
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : out?
JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : ?
Ben Jones :

I can't find that out because I cannot get access to your criminal record. But I need to know if any punishment was given to you by the police because that is what would go on your CRB, not what you were punished with in the military

JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : No I didn't get given any punishment from the RAF police it was P1 which is the legal department
Ben Jones :

ok until I know exactly what is on your current record I cannot advise you as I need that information, you can contact your local police and request details of what they have on you on their records and then we can determine what details they have and how it would affect you once you leave and apply for jobs

JACUSTOMER-6cjf1rci- : Ok thank you I will do that
Ben Jones :

ok thanks, then you can get back to me if needed