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Paid for my wifes visa, was rejected due to zero hour contract

Paid for my wife's visa... Show More
Paid for my wife's visa, was rejected due to zero hour contract that the goverment have said are legal but the consulate rejection says they dont accept. Contacted the consulate, they say they dont deal with visa's, spoke to vfs they say they only process the paper work and hand it to conulate to make decision. Now the appeal process, paid for that...they send in to Newdehli Consulate...who as i said stated on phone call they dont deal with Visa's. Then we applied in the meantime for a visitors visa, they declined that because we are appealing and the fact of my zero hour contract...stated aswell that we would break the law because they seem'ed to think my wife after here visitors visa expires would over stay her welcome..why would she if were going down the whole appeal process and we paid for it. I just dont know what to do...someone needs to be accountable. They effectivly called me and my wife liars. We have been married 2 and half years. The strange thing is me and the wife realised we sent them the wrong payslips..they didnt even mention that on the rejection notice of the main visa. So in other words they havent even looked at them.
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What visa had your wife originally applied for and what is your question please?
Customer reply replied 4 years ago.

Settlement Visa, how can we deal with this and get her home.


Who can we hold accountable for the stress of this whole scam of visa's

Thank you.

The most challenging settlement visa hurdle is meeting the minimum income requirements (at least 18,600 per annum income). if these are satisfied and evidence has been shown that you can accomodate and maintain her without recourse to public funds, then the visa should be granted (if all other requirements have also been met).

As an appeal has been lodged, a visa will be granted if the appeal is allowed/successful and the Home Office does not challenge the decision.

The visitors visa I am afraid was bound to fail due to the settlement visa application and there is no appeal against the visitor visa refusal. You should focus on the appeal instead for the issue of the settlement visa.

You may get your local MP to see if they are able to intervene and support the process.

The UK visa process and rules have been tightened up significantly after years of abuse and misusenm which unfortunately affects genuine applications as well. But as long as the requirements in the immigration rules are met, the appeal should be allowed.

Can I assist further?