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Eileen McGowan, your page closed down. I do not often use

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Eileen McGowan, your page closed down. I do not often use my email address and would prefer you to answer using this forum.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The first time I saw my G,P. he said as we get older we all get lumps, it is nothing to worry about.


The second time I saw him was because the lump was oozing and he gave me antibiotics to clear up the infection. Which it did, but the lump was still there.

Last October I fell, landed on my nose and the lump was knocked off. I went to the hospital as I had also crushed my hand and broken my little finger in the fall. The hospital looked at my nose, but I don't think it registered that my nose needed attention and, since the lump had been knocked off when I fell it wasn't dealt with.

Some weeks later, when my other injuries, bruises and cuts had healed, I went to the surgery and the receptionist directed me to the nurse and said she would know if it needed a doctor. The nurse told me to come back in a weeks time if it hadn't healed. It did not heal in the week, so I went back. The nurse examined it again and called a lady who I did not know was a doctor at the time and they agreed if it still hadn't healed over I should go back. It did heal so I did not return at that time. In early march the lump began to grow again and return to its previous hardness so I went to my G.P. on 14th March, 2014. He diagnosed it as a Cerbacious Cyst and said it was nothing to worry about and even if I did have it removed it could not be on the NHS I would have to go privately and it would still come back again. I asked him for a ball park figure about what it would cost me to have it removed and he said between £300 and £400. I asked him to refer me to a private specialist as I was not satisfied.

I saw the specialist on Monday 31st March,2014. When he examined me he diagnosed the lump as a Basal Cell Carcinoma and said I should return to my; doctor and show him what a Basal Cell Carcinoma looked like. Which I did on Wednesday 2nd April, which was the first appointment I could get.

I think My Medical Practice should be liable for the cost of my consultation (£175) because I was forced to go the private route because my doctor got his diagnosis wrong and would not refer me to the national health service treatment centre which he would have had to if his diagnosis had been correct. When I put this to him, he said the practice would not pay the bill, but he would put it to them.

I can only conclude that it is the patient who must foot the bill for the doctors error. He said he was sorry and whilst I accepted his apology I added his apology was cheap at the price for him, since I am supposed to pay the bill.

It will be interesting to see if the practice does pay the bill, but I do not hold out a great deal of hope as He had made up his mind that they would not, but they would all learn from it, so I am footing the cost of their training too.


Thank you for your careful consideration of this issue, I look forward to hearing your reply.

Thank you.This is known as clinical negligence in law whereby your GP medically misdiagnosed your condition. As such, they should have refunded you for whatever you paid privately. I suggest you send the Practice a letter before action setting out the basis of your claim and give them until say 11 April 2014 to pay you the money failing which you may make a negligence claim against the GP. If they still fail to pay up, you may make a claim online for the money at on the grounds cited above. Hope this helps
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