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Hi, My sister is executor of my late fathers estate and is

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My sister is executor of my late fathers estate and is selling his property in the UK.
I live permanently in New Zealand and am a named benefactor in the will that gives 30% to me, 30% to my younger brother and 40% to my sister.
The house is valued around 134000.00 GBP has been on the market for a year and has been reduced in value from the initial asking price of 129000.00 to 120000.00. She has accepted an offer of 95000.00. Can she do this or is she just take any price for this? I view this as she is not taking the interests of the benefactors and is just wanting to get rid of the house for quick cash. The house is a mid link bungalow, 10 years old, modern construction and is structurally sound.
Properties similar in the same place sell for around 129000.00.
My sister also declined to provide a breakdown of the financial affairs of the estate when asked. I'm beginning to think I am being defrauded here.
Any initial help and advice on what to do would be most welcome.

Your sister as the executor has a legal obligation to act reasonably and prudently in administering the estate. The fact that she is selling the property at a substantial undervalue means that she may not be acting prudently and reasonably. The question she needs to ask herself is, would I sell my own property at that price?

Beneficiaries are entitled to receipt of estate accounts although these are normally provided towards the end just before final distribution for the beneficiaries to approve and sign off.

I suspect that your sister is not co-operating with you as she thinks you are too far away to do anything.

This simple guide may help you understand the duties of executors:

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thank-you for the reply, it is most helpful. In addition, I wonder if I have any rights to veto the sale of the property if I have a 30% interest in it?


What would my next step be, contact the estate agent to make them aware that I have an interest in the house and my position as a benefactor, or would this be intermeddling?


I suspect also that she has accessed the estates finances and has already dispersed some of the estate between herself and my brother. I have no concrete proof of this beyond some posts on social media. This is supported by the proof of the house contents being removed and distributed to my brother, including a laptop (he accessed my dad fathers Skype account in error) and furniture. The will did not specify in detail how the estate was to be distributed.


thanks once again for your reply and valuable time,



That would be seen as intermeddling as she has the power as executor to administer the estate.

You need to appoint a solicitor in the UK to act for you and write to your sister accordingly as they would need to see what is written in the Will first to see what exactly you are entitled to and what you are not entitled to as far as the contents of the property etc. are concerned.

Hope this helps
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