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Hello , I was a contractor at a company for 10 years , I was

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Hello , I was a contractor at a company for 10 years , I was asked to be a witness in a tribunal by the employee who was un fairly dismissed . They settled out of court and then finished my contract . I started contracting to some of the company's suppliers and had to make deliveries to the site up to 3 times a month ... Now the genral manager has phoned all the supplies who employe my services and has instructed that I must not get there work as I am bared from their site or they will look else were for the supply's , is their any rules / laws against this

Regards .....john

tdlawyer :

Hi there, thanks for your question. My name isXXXXX can help with this.

tdlawyer :

Were you employed or working as self-employed contractor?

Customer: Hello
tdlawyer :


Customer: iwas as a self employed contractor
tdlawyer :

OKay. And the company, is it working in concert with others to refuse to allow you to work for them?

tdlawyer :

That's how I read your question, but I want to be sure.

Customer: The genral manager is phoning companies that supply raw materials to them and placing orders on the condition I am NOT used to deliver them to their site
tdlawyer :


tdlawyer :

Legally, they're allowed to decide who to use to provide supplies. However, by contacting others and inisting they do not use you, they may be in fact breaking two potential laws. They might be (a) unlawfully procuring a breach of contract and/or (b) consipring to injure.

Customer: I believe it's a direct attempt to cause me financial harm as I have been a witness
tdlawyer :

Both areas can be difficult and are rarely ever used by lay people brining their own claims. Only experienced lawyers tend to look at these "torts" and if you therefore go and see a solicitor after this chat, then you should refer to the terms I've just used.

Customer: They are also trying to sue a second witness
Customer: do you think it's worth pursuing
tdlawyer :

Suing a second witness isn't something that affects you, is it?

Customer: No ! It just seems everybody who was involved and stood up to tell the truth has had a some kind of back lash from it
tdlawyer :

I see. Well, this is perhaps useful to show that they're conspiring to injure you and/or deliberately out to be vindictive against everybody. I think it's worth you getting a solicitor's letter sent to them to point out they if they keep trying to persuade people to not use you, then you will sue them for compensation and an injunction.

Customer: Thank I will look 1 up on Monday ... There is no doubt it's vindictive as she is telling everyone I am barred from site yet I have not had a letter or a reason to explain her reasons ..
Customer: thank you
tdlawyer :

You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist with about this?

Customer: No thanks good night
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