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My car is parked in a private parking space. My (indelicate)

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My car is parked in a private parking space.

My (indelicate) neighbour often opens his door into my left door and/or panel, in such a way that my car is now damaged and requires expensive body repair. Discussing this issue with him a few months ago, he agreed that he was at the origin of the damage and said "no problems, send me the bill". Now, as I am about to perform the repairs, he declines all responsibility.

What solution(s) do I have to get him to pay for the repairs?

If he has caused the damage and asked you to send the bill for the repairs, you may send him a letter asking him to settle the bill as agreed by say 15 April 2014 failing which you may take legal proceedings against him which may result in a county court judgement being entered against him.

If he still fails to pay up, you may make a court claim online at

If you raise a claim with your insurer or notify them of this, you may find your insurance premiums being increased and you losing any no claims bonus, so you may wish to chase your neighbour for the damage and let them claim through their insurance or pay up from their own pockets.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, this helps.


Here is what I did to engage with him:

1. Had Porsche perform an estimate of the repairs and cost. Left the estimate on his windshield with a nice note asking him to discuss the matter with me.

2. He replied to me by e-mail, as follows:

Hi Jerome,

I saw attached to my windshield today a bill for over gbp 2.3k for some extensive repairs to your car.

I'm very surprised by this letter. I have never hit or scratched your car. You can see from my car that there are absolutely no marks on it - something that would be impossible given what is written in your invoice.

All that said, if you had any suspicion you should in any case showed me what you think is the alleged damage before deciding to repaint your car ask me to pay for it.

I will, for the record, take detailed photographic evidence of my car as proof that there is absolutely no dents or scratches, which will act as proof that whatever alleged damage there was on your car could not have been done by mine. I'm happy to show you the photos. However, as you know where my car is parked please feel free to inspect yourself.


3. I replied to him by e-mail:

Hi Axxx,

Look Axxx, we discussed this person to person a few month ago. When we discussed this, you absolutely agreed at the time, that the dents on my panel and left door at the time two dents) were caused by you opening your door and because of the little space to do so. Do you remember? You said and agreed that I would get this repaired and you would then pay for it. Have you changed your mind?

This is an estimate I had done by porsche this is not an invoice nor a bill. I am just letting you know that it is my intention to get my door and panel repaired now. There are several impacts on my door and panel. All impacts are situated around the exact place where your door opens, and all these impacts are created by you opening your door on my car. If you insist, this can be checked… The number of impacts frequency has of course been reduced because of the sideways way I park my car now, but this doesn’t mean I find it acceptable to leave my car in this state.

So… I propose we find an amicable solution to this. Let me know what you want to do and if you want to discuss this in a constructive way. This is by far my preference over involving our respective insurances.



I have one more question:

- The agreement between Axxx and myself is verbal. I took place a few months ago (june 2013), in the car park in from tof the car. At the time, Axxx did not deny his involvement in the damage and accepted the facts without any hesitation and protests, comments, nor any doubts, of any kinds.

- I have no proof to establish that this discussion took place, nor it's content, and unfortunately, there is no possible way for me to prove that the damages are made by him and his car, because I was never there at the time of the damages...something he obviously counts on to dilute his responsibility.

- Under no circumstances could these dents/damages have been the cause of other motorists in the parking place,

- All dents are exactly similar, caused by the same object, at the same exact height and coincide in size and shape with his door edge sliding into my panels...

- Because we are both expensive cars owners, I thought that we had a Gentleman's agreement, and therefore, his "volte-face" comes as a surprise, but is now becoming rapidly a question of principle and I am willing to go to Court for this. In other words, this is not a money problem any more, it is a question of propriety, trust, integrity and morale...

Given the above, the question:

what are my chances to be successful in front of a court and which court?

Thanks for your help.






Thanks Jerome,

Unfortunately, if you are not able to prove that he caused the damage, I am afraid you are in a tight spot as you also do not have a written agreement to prove what was agreed in June 2013 at the car park. So you can see that it really is your word against his and the courts would expect you to show evidence on a balance of probabilities that he caused the damage as you are speculating it may be him at the moment.

So, your case is not as strong as I first thought I am afraid, but you may nevertheless start a claim online for the money at

It will be dealt with in the small claims court, see here

The easiest way to lodge the claim would be online at

Hope this helps
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