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footage video copy rights

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hi copy right question Me and my friend has shot some band and dance footage for a promotion video for one of our university society event. all of us are working for free. no contract has made. who are the footage video copyrights are. 


1. the person who rent the camera (Person A)from the university for free claim that all video under his right.

2. person A is not the one shooting the video but only renting the camera and editing.

3. filming take place in private event (during band and dance practise and performance)

4. we only want the footage and not the final product

5. we pass on the video to person A with our own hard drive and he has delete all the footage and keep his own copy and return the hard drive to us. (hard to proof)

6. we have the copy of band footage but not dance, are we allow to use the footage without person A permission.




So does person A own all the footage of that video




Ownership of the copyright in the video would best in the person who created the work I.e. The people who undertook the shooting of the video unless there was an agreement to the contrary.

Person A would not be the copyright owner simply because they rented the camera or edited the work.

You may use the footage of the band without A's permission as he does not own copyright to it as advised above.
Person A does also not own copyright in the footage of the dance and should release it.

Hope this helps

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks you for your answer,


you said " Ownership of the copyright in the video would best in the person who created the work I.e. The people who undertook the shooting of the video unless there was an agreement to the contrary."


how about if the footages are taken by many different person? for example within the band practise room, there are four person that are here for monitoring our practise and mean while four of them also take part in shooting footages.


person A also argue that by saying " he was the initial planner of the video and taught the four people in the room to film, althought he was not in the room while filming, therefore he should be the copy right owner" and we do not agree to his statement. So does that make him the copy right owner again?


and at the moment person A has kept all of the footage and refuse to pass on to us. ( because he deleted it from our hard drive and return empty and made copy only for himself.) is there any thing we could do to get the footage back?


isit possible to make all the footages copyright to the university society? instead of individuals? to avoid any further arguement.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.



I am still waiting for the reply.


Many thanks

No, Person A's argument is incorrect, it does not make him the copyright owner.

If different people took the video, then there is an argument that copyright vests in all of them equally.

Yes, copyright may be transferred to the University to avoid argument. The society is not a separate legal entity from the University.

Perhaps a letter from a solicitor to person A may get him to release the footage, otherwise a court order would be required forcing him to release it.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Also during the event, the society and person A has together pay a 300 GBP fee for an live recording from an external company. Person A paid 130 pound and the society paid 170.


Person A would like the copy right of the recording, he has transfer the remain debt of 170 pound to our society president account, is it possible to refuse his payment and not giving him the ownership of the recording?


the member of society has the invoice from the external company and person A doesnt.


so does that make the copyright of the recording belong to the member which has deal the whole process of recording (from contact the external company to the final product has sent to our society member) or simply the one who paid for the recording own the right?


Also what are the procedures of getting a solicitor letter? how much roughtly is it gonna cost?


sorry for my english


many thanks



From the information given, it is difficult to say who owns the copyright but I would draw your attention to this article which may help you work out who owns what

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



the URL that you have given is not linking to any document or website.


Many thanks

I have just tested it and it is working on my computer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



i can only view this on your reply , i believe there might be something missing from the url.


could be please double confirm it.


many thanks