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My grandson is being cared for in his own home by his disabled

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My grandson is being cared for in his own home by his disabled father who insists he is capable to do so although his family members help him a lot I am worried about the tomes he is alone with the child who is only 14 months old and very active! His father had a major spine operation last June and has been in and out of hospital frequently since. Can I force him to accept child care off me and my family on the days he is alone with the child and could I ho for custody if he refuses to accept he is putting the child in danger by beong alone with a baby
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
Why does the child not live with the mother?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The child does live with boyh parents but his mother has to work full time 37 hours to pay the mortgage and household bills! Obviously she has the predicament of keeping a roof over their heads as well as a young child they cannot afford childcare as it is expensive here in the UK. Her partner is verbally abusive with her and puts hr down constantly saying she does nothing in the home although there is nothing to do when she returns from work as he is obsessed with cleanliness (he has O.C.D) he wouldn't let the baby play in the garden the other week because he "would get dirty" he also puts him in his cot for a nap and leaves hom there for hours on end!

It i sup to your daughter and her partner what arrangements they agree for the care of their son
If she has doubts about her partners ability to care for the child then she must be the one to arrange alternative child care and you need to support her in this
A starting point would be for her to discuss matters with her Health Visitor
If you do not think that your daughter and her partner are taking appropriate care of the child then your only option is to notify Social Services
I am sorry but you applying for a Residence Order in respect of the child is simply not a possibility
Please ask if you need further details

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